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Minutes of the July 3, 2008 AOC meeting

Submitted by Deborah Viles
Action Items in bold

Attending: Merrill Lessley, Mike Grant, Perry Sailor, John Stevenson, Keith Maskus, Sam Fitch, Ron Melicher, Deborah Viles, Terry Mayes, Ken Wilson, Lou McClelland

Absent: Jane Curtis, Steve Jones, Rolf Norgaard

  1. General report & timeline: Mike gave an overview of his presentation to the accreditation self-study team. He anticipates that the portion of the self-study devoted to student learning and effective teaching and assessment will be a chapter10-15 pages long addressing Criterion 3. This section will also include a follow up to our 2003 report. Mike suggested that the report might also include profiles of each college. Mike anticipates that the accreditation self-study team will ask for contributions from us and others in the fall. The self-study is due in the fall of 09, the accreditation visit is scheduled on 2/24/10.

Lou reminded the committee to read the entire 2000 report and to focus on the recommendations in that report. She pointed out that Criterion 3 is titled “Student Learning and Effective Teaching” and asked the committee to reflect on the following to determine the extent to which we’re fulfilling this goal:

  • Have we been doing things to improve student learning and effective teaching
  • What evidence of institutional commitment to student learning is available
  • Are the things we’re doing to improve based on evidence
  • Are we following up

Some of the significant improvements to student learning and effective teaching include:

  • Restructure of orientation to better prepare entering freshmen and to register them for classes
  • Academic difficulty profile
  • Abolished Math Modules
  • Reorganization of PWR
  • CU 101
  • Faculty discussion of potential changes to the core
  • Teacher licensure
  • PRP revision
  • Honor code structure
  • Colorado creed
  • Sam mentioned a BFA document prepared for Chancellor Byyny that might be useful. He’ll try to locate it.
  • Teaching statements in promotion and tenure files demonstrate that many faculty are aware of the link between assessment and course improvement
  • Greater numbers of students studying abroad
  • Flagship 2030 Strategic Plan
  • FCQ revision
  • Nish may have information about restructuring of departments or majors to improve student learning
  1. AOC opinion of progress since 2000—Mike tabled this request; will take it up at a future summer meeting.
  2. Documenting AOC activity: The AOC is active through e-mail and sub-group meetings as well as thorough regular meetings.
  3. Strategies for approaching departments: Not discussed
  4. Graduate School
    • Graduate survey has been completely revamped
    • NRC—work on how to use the information
    • Issue of note: lots of turnover in administration make continuity of data and assessment difficult
    • New degrees and programs since 2000
    • Graduate Teaching Program helps improve teaching; also provides training for international T.A.s
    • 2030 discussions of the function of the graduate school
    • Graduate Advisory Board ensures that all graduate programs follow the institutional mission

Other concerns: The CCHE, which was one of the driving forces behind assessment efforts 10 years ago has changed. What replaces the old policies? CU is still following the former recommendations, so though CCHE has changed, CU’s commitment to its assessment principles has not.

Need some focus on Student Affairs

  • New emphasis on student learning outcomes

Mike and Deborah will begin work on an outline of our piece of the self-study to be circulated in the AOC.


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