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Minutes of the April 22, 2008 AOC meeting

Submitted by Deborah Viles
Action Items in bold

Attending: Steve Jones, Rolf Norgaard, Merrill Lessley, Mike Grant, Perry Sailor, John Stevenson, Keith Maskus, Sam Fitch, Ron Melicher, Deborah Viles

Absent: Lisa Severy, Terry Mayes, Jane Curtis, Ken Wilson, Lou McClelland

  1. The committee discussed final revisions to the PRP assessment questions. Deborah will send a revised version to the committee and with e-mail assent, will send the final draft to Jeff Cox. The committee agreed that a question about future assessment plans of each unit should be included as part of each unit’s PRP strategic plan. Deborah will check with Jeff to ascertain whether this is possible.
  2. The committee did not discuss the HLC progress report because Mike agreed to write the formal response to that report as part of our self-study.
  3. We discussed which campus assessment practices we might include in our report. The following summarizes our recommendations. We also assigned responsibility for writing up the examples. Please be sure to explain how faculty discussions, student feedback, and assessment results inform the assessment practices you are summarizing. We wish to show good practice at the course, program, and institutional level. Most of the following will likely show results at the course and program level.
    • IECE
    • Service Learning (we will use these two as examples of new programs that resulted from student and faculty feedback)
    • ATLAS
    • Herbst Academic Program
    • Film Studies
    • BFA show/design portfolios – Merrill will investigate
    • History
    • Political Science
    • English
    • Applied Math and Engineering (we will use Terry’s examples for this)
    • Theater and Dance - Merrill will write report
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • SJMC - Steve will write report and include information about internships
    • Leeds School of Business - Ron will write report and include information about internships
    • Student Affairs efforts - Deborah will write report
    • Honors - Deborah will contact Paul Beale for information
    • School of Education - Mike will contact Lori Shepard
    • College of Music
    • Law School - Deborah will contact Dayna Matthews and will ask about internship tracking
    • Graduate School - John will write report, which will include either NRC data or an NRC report

    Mike will request reports from each of the unassigned units. Deborah will follow-up.

    The following might be considered institutional level assessment:
    • “CU 101” effort - Mike will submit report
    • PWR reorganization - Rolf will write report and will address some of the major changes like the Writing Center, tenure hires, certificate program development, etc. Deborah will contact Paul Wenger, PWR assessment coordinator for a report on assessment activities.
    • New FCQ implementation - Mike will write report
    • Core curriculum - Mike will write report based on the 2030 task force work, Deborah will contact Robin Cantor, Nish, and/or Charles de Bartolome for a report of the ASC core curriculum committee findings.

    Please submit your reports to Deborah by May 30.

    Other ideas for showcasing what we do well:

    • Student success stories: Solar Decathlon, student patents, student papers published or presented at conferences, internship feedback

    Joey White is coordinating the HLC report. Ric Porecca and Phil DiStefano are co-chairs.

    1. In business added to the agenda, the committee agreed that it might be helpful to offer assessment workshops for chairs and directors a couple of times each year.

    We also discussed briefly adding to the AOC membership. Since the Office of Undergraduate Education has moved to Academic Affairs, we no longer have senior-level Student Affairs representation. Mike will consider who to invite from Student Affairs. We also do not have representation from ODECE. Deborah will contact Sallye McKee’s office to ask for a recommendation.


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