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CU-Boulder Assessment Oversight Committee (AOC)
(Self-appointed) subgroup meeting Jan 23 2008 and activities August ’07-Jan ‘08

Mike Grant, AVC UG ed and chair, AOC
Deborah Viles, campus assessment director, office of AVC UG ed
Lou McClelland and Perry Sailor, Planning, Budget and Analysis


Last full meeting: 08/15/2007

Meeting with Provost Phil Distefano 11/5/2007. RE campus position on the College Portrait of the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) constructed by NASULGC and colleagues, 11/5/2007. Full notes are not available. Committee expressed reservations about validity and utility of the outcomes measures and methods used in VSA, and discussed ins and outs of public, CU system, faculty, student, and administrative perceptions and goals.

Other relevant events August ’07 through January ’08

  • Documents from committee to provost re VSA and “value-added” standardized testing
  • National attention with congressional hearings, examination of accreditation role, etc. And with NASULGC’s development of VSA/College Portrait. Formal launch of VSA/College Portrait in December ’07.
  • CU system attention including an all-campuses committee chaired by Michel Dahlin. Boulder position paper to the system committee, October 2007. Later system report.
  • Some AAU data exchange activity, especially among private universities, on organization for assessment. Summaries to AOC chair in 10/07. Also tidbits from other AAUDE’s, such as the U of Kansas senior interview project.
  • CU-Boulder continues work with an NSF-sponsored ongoing project to develop a generally applicable ‘critical thinking’ instrument. Mike Grant organized about 10 UCB faculty to participate in 2006; they were “generally pretty favorably impressed.” It is called project CAT and is led by Tennessee Tech.
  • Continued activity in the UCB College of Engineering for ABET and for internal use in improvement
  • USA Today publication of selected NSSE results from schools authorizing release, including CU-Boulder

At the 1-23-08 meeting

General discussion of state of the world, assessment doings, process, to do’s.

Set 2-3 AOC meetings for spring ’08 term. Deborah to do.

Write up notes on meeting with Phil 11/5/07. Mike to do – but suspect no more than is above is needed, so consider this done.

Find URLs for materials from system assessment committee fall 07, send to PBA. Deborah to do

Collect items for agendas

  • Review charge to AOC, 2001. Probably time to revise.
  • Status on VSA, College Portrait, and especially assessment parts
  • Accreditation
  • From the August 2007 working group of mostly-private AAU’s – calm document, solid systems for thinking about various assessment activities. (send in email; trying to get posted)
  • New PRP
  • All contribute

Gather materials on accreditation, Higher Learning Commission, what we did last time, changes in criteria and expectations since last time, what other places are doing, etc. PBA do to.

All, gather everything relevant we can locate on campus – course level, dept, etc. – PBA starting list, need more info on these!

  • Kathy Phillips, physics
  • Margaret Asirvatham, chemistry
  • Kost
  • Dale Mood
  • MCDB
  • Fred p?
  • Terry Mayes and EN and Knight
  • Burns and use with accrediting agency
  • Student affairs
  • College level, college/division.
  • New prp
  • Revised FCQ
  • FCQ online tests
  • Surveys – climate, nsse, alum, senior – and materials by major
  • CU 101 and assessment thereof
  • PBA do from its end. Mike and Deborah do as well.

Sketch available, possible uses of FCQs to improve instruction within a department. Metrics (e.g., pct of sections with course rating < X, or < X from mean, or …), displays. Dept report. Publishing. PBA to do In keeping with notion that there’s more to be done on the course level, than we’d been incorporating in earlier views.

Reorg website, ready for now and more diverse set of stuff. PBA to propose Might put links to or organize by stu affairs, campus wide academics, college, college/division, dept). Links to CU system stuff, VSA...


Last revision 02/25/08

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