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Assessment Oversight Committee (AOC) meeting notes 08/15/07

John Stevenson Sam Fitch
Rolf Norgaard Michael Grant
Steve Jones Merrill Lessley
Terry Mayes Deborah Viles
Lou McClelland, staff Perry Sailor, staff

Submitted by Deborah Viles, August 20, 2007

  1. Introductions
  2. Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA)
    1. Lou McClelland highlighted the VSA working template. The template is intended to be used in exactly the same format for all participating institutions.
    2. There was some discussion as to the merits and concerns of CUís participation.
    3. After discussion, the committee agreed that while it largely supports using the document, it would recommend that Part III, the commercial test to measure core learning outcomes, remain optional. Mike will draft the recommendation.
  3. Mike introduced the General Education document he drafted for the System Assessment Committee. There were no further suggestions.
  4. Program Review revision
    1. Mike expressed concern that the word ďassessmentĒ appeared only once in the draft for the new PRP.
    2. Sam and Lou agreed that assessment is still considered important in the work of the unit self-study report. It isnít mentioned in the draft because it is not a point of contention.
    3. The committee agreed to ask for some clarification in the language of the PRP regarding assessment: units should be reminded to include graduate assessment; units should be reminded to focus assessment efforts on student learning outcomes. Mike will communicate these recommendations to Jeff Cox.
  5. Mike introduced the idea of including Student Affairs in the AOC to create more articulation between the work of Student and Academic Affairs. The committee concurred. Mike will appoint additional Student Affairs professionals to the committee.
  6. Department Feedback Reports
    1. Sam pointed out that under the proposed PRP guidelines, units would receive both the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and Senior Survey results as part of their PRP package, and would be expected to incorporate those results into their self-study.
    2. With that in mind, the committee decided we might wait until the new PRP guidelines go into effect before proceeding with the feedback reports.
    3. Lou noted that the NSSE results are not based on student satisfaction, but on student participation.
    4. Subsequently, there has been an e-mail discussion suggesting the committee might rethink sending the feedback reports, with or without the NSSE/senior survey portion, in order to give units a sense of whether their assessment efforts are adequate. There is not yet a clear consensus.


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