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Assessment Oversight Committee (AOC) meeting notes 03/04/05

Steve Jones Sam Fitch
Gordon Brown Adrian Del Caro
Michael Grant Candice Miller
Terry Mayes Ron Melicher
Jim Sherman Perry Sailor, staff

Mike: Recounted hiring 2 undergrads last spring to do writeups by department from NSSE and senior survey results. To inform depts. But overestimated their ability to translate results into short descriptions. So, not done in time for spring review committee. Then lost admin. asst. So now we have backlog from last year, and this year’s reports.

Handed out 1 page summary from NSSE results, one from senior survey results, for EEB, that he wrote (was what he wanted but didn’t get from undergrad hires for all departments). Wanted committee’s opinion on whether they fit spirit of what committee wants.

Jim: What would motivate a department chair to action?
Mike: That is the question.

Discussion. Ideas for getting departments to pay attention. Consensus: Reports based on NSSE, senior survey results should be brief, condensed. Should contain positives, negatives. Discussion of whether should be incorporated into overall reports back to departments, or add-ons. Decision: Separate sheets, not incorporated. Include url’s to PBA pages with graphics.

Adrian: Opportunity to coach departments as to what to do, e.g., “please share with faculty executive committee.” Coach as to best way to circulate, act on, or they won’t be acted on.

New assignments, due end of March:

Anthropology Sam
Art/Art History Candice
Leeds Business Ron
Classics Gordon
Computer Science Jim
Education Candice
EEB Padraic (in absentia)
Writing and Rhetoric Steve

First priority is this year’s, then catching up to last year’s. Candice has template, will send.


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