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Assessment Oversight Committee (AOC) meeting notes 03/11/04

Steve Jones Gordon Brown
Sam Fitch Adrian Del Caro
Michael Grant Candice Miller
Lou McClelland, staff Perry Sailor, staff

Mike: Need to come up with set of guidelines for our report. Some common agreement as to form. How detailed, etc. (Passed out copies of review of psychology dept, psych and NSSE.

Mike: NSSE - assign scale? Perry said no. Agreed by all. How "tough" do we want to be? Tone?

Mike: NSSE - some negative stuff, but tone pretty flat. "Just the facts."

Sam: Seems right on, from what I know of psych. They don't study much, not challenged. Think Mike's tone in psych sample is good. This is student self report, just one part of OA. Suggest add N of students responding to NSSE report.

Mike (?): What about comparison to other colleges? Other AAUs?

Decision: Take out other college comparisons. No comp to previous year. About 1 page, separate. Areas: All listed. Add "advising." "Course availability"? Lou: If can fit on one page.

Discussion of psych.

More discussion of reports (AOC's, on departments'):
Lou: Who is audience? Unit, internal review, external review, possibly Phil.

Sam: Need recommendations or findings section at end.

Mike: Could have ratings on each of several criteria. Or, just narrative.

Lou: Need to look at more dept reports.

Perry: Need criteria. Does assessment do this, that? Short list, maybe 3- or 4-point scale. Degree of externality? Clear ties to knowledge/skill goals? Evidence of use of findings? (At least protocol or structure.) This in addition to these brief narratives.

Everyone speed-read all the assessments of reports, assigned at last meeting.

Perry: In addition to narrative, let's have checklist or something related to Mike's instructions to depts.

Sam: Maybe have narrative structure based on the 4 criteria.

Candice: Need undergrad-grad distinction.

Mike: Fifth question - special characteristics of grad assessment.

Much discussion. Led to someone saying, tell grad departments we want them to do something beyond thesis defense as assessment.

Decided to organize reports according to Mike's 4 criteria. Also, goals need to be periodically revisited. And we need too make this need clear to departments.

By next Friday, get revisions (of reports) to Mike.

What's our boilerplate?

Mike volunteered to do psych, Sam to do English.


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