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Assessment Oversight Committee (AOC) meeting notes 1/29/03

Michael Grant, chair
Gordon Brown
Stephen Jones
Sam Fitch
Ronald Melicher
Graham Oddie
Jim Sherman
Lou McClelland, staff
Perry Sailor, staff

Elease Robbins, Padraic Kenney, Merrill Lessley, Candice Miller

Agenda distributed via email by Michael Grant, chair, on 1/28/03:

  1. Approval of draft plan to incorporate new integration of PRP and Assessment. MCG has been working with Susan Kent and all that remains are technical arrangements of reporting requirements and sequences. Here is what we have proposed:
    1. First and second years of cycle, one page report to AOC essentially listing current assessment activities
    2. In third year of cycle, 5 page report to AOC summarizing, reporting, analyzing and planning based on 3 years of work. AOC would provide substantial feedback and comments on this report.
    3. Fourth and fifth years of cycle, one page report to AOC as in (a) above
    4. In sixth year of cycle, 5 page report to AOC as in (b) above with AOC feedback to units
    5. In 7th year of cycle, cumulative reports, especially 3rd and 6th year reports with AOC feedback would be incorporated  (cut & paste) into the regular PRP report by units.
  2. Formulation of standard format and guidelines for applying for assessment funds. Here is a recommendation to start discussion:
    1. Annual, one page report or five page report has budget request attached as part B
    2. Form will have usual identifying parts of unit plus (i) amounts requested and used from previous year, (ii) one paragraph explanation of how the budget will be used and (iii) one paragraph justification for that particular use or uses
    3. Send an e-memo to all dept. chairs and assessment contacts stating new procedures
  3. Approval of content scheme for first draft of Chancellor/Provost/NCA report:
    1. Introduction: Charge to Committee with refs to online info
    2. Highlight activities of AOC committee during last 2 years — visits, assembly of guidance materials, references, implementation of structural changes (annual, PRP connection)
    3. Statistics of updated reports available and web published
    4. AOC narrative of success of efforts focusing on individual units — some examples of strong, most common and probably some still inadequate
    5. Prospects and plans for next three years: (i) visibility (ii) workshops? (iii) letters from Provost/Chancellor?, etc.
  4. Report on AAHE Santa Fe workshop with some ideas to discuss
  5. Suggestions for new members (female faculty, student)
  6. Other items as needed

Meeting notes:

Agenda Item 1:

Re: Incorporation into PRP. Susan Kent favorable.

Q: Is it appropriate for our (i.e. committee’s) material to be in department’s PRP report? Consensus: Have departments do self-study, we’ll do evaluation. Our comments inserted into report to internal review board.

Jim S.: How do we know they’ll attend to our evaluation?

Sam: Put in PRP recommendations. They take PRP feedback seriously. Pretty effective presence.

Lou: Any PRP members now that have "special hats"?

Mike: Give set of recommendations to internal review team. It will end up in PRP itself.

Lou: What’s laid out here is complicated in terms of timing. Could be confusing to departments. Critical to have posted schedule for every department – what’s due, when.

Timing – fix a date? End of fall? Self-study done Feb. 1 of year 6.

Lou: Is report due same date as self-study, or part of self-study? Consensus: Appendix to self-study. Would give us two months to get comments to internal review team.

Sam: Tough part is adding grads, because it’s new.

Mike: Grad. Ed., in general, has good assessment in place – committees, defenses, comprehensive exams.

Jim: In Engineering, assessment is more department-by-department at the grad level.

Lou: We’re (PBA) modifying alumni survey to include masters, doctoral students. 3 and 4 years out. Sample will include all doctoral students, half of masters.

Calendar for reporting (i.e. when in year are 1-year, 2-year…7-year reports due?) Consensus: 5 of 6 due Nov. 1, 6th (self-study) due Feb. 1. If self-study in Feb. 95, for example, 1-page reports due in Nov. 96 and 97, 5-page in Nov. 98, 1-page in Nov. 99, 00, 5-page in Nov. 01, cum. report integrated into regular PRP in Feb. 02.

Agenda Item 2

Application for funds: proposal in agenda agreed to. Notification via e-memo to associate deans, office managers, chairs, deans.

Agenda Item 3

Subitems a-c: yes.

Subitem d: Not too specific re: individual departments. Point out structure we’ve set up for reporting, tying to PRP. Mention that we’ll set up annual workshop in report. About 10 pages total for report.

Agenda Item 4

Mike talked about Santa Fe conference. Asked for additional strategies.

Lou: All these pieces go to go to deans, associate deans.

Jim: Make assessment part of faculty performance review.

Sam: This presumes more legitimacy and buy-in than exists. Have to move very slowly on committee dealing with individual faculty-level assessment of students.

Agenda Item 5

Not discussed


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