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Suggested Assessment Check-List for Departments

The campus Assessment Oversight Committee has prepared several types of materials to assist and encourage departments to effectively and consistently employ an appropriate assessment process every year. This check-list may be helpful, especially for those units who may have new faculty assigned to this task but may also be helpful to more experienced people who want to consider enhancing their current procedures.

  1. The department has an established, substantive, annual assessment process which is understood (and, hopefully, supported) by the faculty.

  2. The department has reviewed and, where deemed desirable, revised their individual unit assessment goals and methodologies within last three years. (Department goals are typically articulated in the catalog and the assessment process typically focuses on methods of measuring the degree to which seniors meet those articulated goals. It is not a student 'satisfaction' survey.)

  3. The department has reviewed the assessment results with especial attention to the possible implications of those results on revision or modification of the departmental curriculum. (Many universities and some campus departments have recognized the great power of this approach for improving a department's curricular success.)

  4. A report of the assessment - methods, results, and how the results were used in curriculum development/revision - is made annually to the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis (PBA) office for posting to the appropriate web site.

PBA: PS-- L:\IR\OUTCOMES\aoc\cklist.doc, last updated 5/30/02

Last revision 07/25/02

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