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Assessment Oversight Committee meeting 2/15/02 - handout 1


To Dept. Chairs

Dear ...

I write to ask your assistance in improving and enhancing our campus' efforts at student assessments, sometimes called outcome assessments. The one item which the North Central Accreditation team asked the campus to report back on, prior to our next accreditation event, was our effort to improve and enhance our student assessment process and, critically, to report on how those efforts have influenced curriculum development, hiring decisions or other educational programs related to unit instruction. I appointed an Assessment Oversight Committee and charged them with this responsibility. This package of information and requests for various actions, constitutes one part of that committee's work in this area. It is my aim for each unit to engage their faculty in completing a unit plan of effective assessment this spring semester (2002). Many units will already have done so but others may need to invest significant time and effort. I would like for each unit to report their assessment results and actions by the end of October, 2002.

The AOC members have reviewed our current assessment data for all campus units and, at this stage, are reaching out to contact every unit chair. Clearly, some units are already engaged in assessment in highly effective ways. Other units need to re-vitalize their efforts and the AOC plans to schedule a meeting and discussion with each chair of those latter units in the next few weeks. The goal is to offer AOC assistance and advice.

The AOC and the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis have prepared extensive suggestions, guidelines, and other reference resources which are attached. They also have a modest budget to assist you in carrying out an assessment process appropriate and useful to your unit.

I encourage you to discuss this issue with your faculty and students and to employ the tools of student assessment to strengthen your department's curricular programs.



Phil DiStefano




PBA: PS-- L:\IR\OUTCOMES\aoc\provostdraft.doc

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