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NRC and other data on PhD programs - National activity

This site is NOT being updated Sept 2010!  Except for link immediately below.  For general and CU-Boulder NRC material see

 Passworded Excel and SAS datasets for AAUDE, Sept 20 - Sept 28 2010

Material below NOT UPDATED



1: Graduate education data activities of the AAU, AAUDE, AAU IDC, and AGS. April 2008 to March 2009 -- grad ed working group, graduate exit survey, AAUDE and AAU grad ed task forces/working groups. Also explorations of local capture of the SED.

2:Activities relevant to NRC study of the research doctorate

Julie Carpenter-Hubin of Ohio State University and Lou McClelland of the University of Colorado at Boulder have been monitoring NRC progress and issues for AAUDE, the AAU data exchange.

  • Comparison of the 1993 study (released 1995) and the 2006 study (release 2009) - Methods, participation, more.  Roberta Bell, Vanderbilt.   Paper  ||  Excel with additional calculations

  • NRC institutions, programs, and fields - Preliminary characterizations of 11/08 listings -- Lou McClelland, Colorado

Remaining material has not been revised since Jan '08

Last revision 09/17/10

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