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NRC Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs at CU-Boulder: Background

Background material originally posted before June 2006

  • May 2006 update from NRC
  • NRC at UCB, 2/24/06 (ppt)
  • July 2005 update from presentation at Council of Graduate Schools Summer Workshop
  • Beginning in the summer of 2006, the National Research Council (NRC) will survey institutions, programs, faculty, and graduate students, in order to "assess and present information about the quality of research-doctorate programs." The results of this new study will replace those of the 1995 NRC study Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change.  There will be ratings or rankings of some sort, but they will NOT be based on reputational ratings by faculty as they were in 1995.  See further discussion on the NRC site.  

    At CU-Boulder, the Graduate School will be in charge of coordinating the NRC assessment, with technical support from Planning, Budget, and Analysis (PBA).

    One of CU-Boulder's first tasks in this assessment is to map NRC-defined fields, within the NRC taxonomy, to our colleges and departments.

    Questionnaires form the core of NRC's data collection methods.  Institutional questionnaires are scheduled to be sent to institutions in July 2006, followed by program questionnaires in August/September 2006. A faculty questionnaire is scheduled for October-December 2006, and will collect information on publications, research interests, educational background, etc. Doctoral candidate questionnaires are scheduled for October-December 2006 for students in 5 fields. 

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