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NRC Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs

For faculty

  • Response rates to the faculty questionnaire by program
  • -- 

  • About the faculty questionnaire
  • -- Crib sheet, logistic tips, and more:
    • Starting February 7, NRC will invite 907 CU-Boulder faculty to complete the faculty questionnaire. These 907 faculty were listed as New or Core on the faculty list.
    • Crib sheet for UCB faculty - read this first, it's short! (No longer active)
    • If you lose or do not receive your login/password:
      • go to the link below and put in what you can. If you can provide the exact email address we submitted for you (usually, you’ll get your login/pw right back in email.
      • Link for requesting login/pwd:
            (No longer active)
      • If you need to know the email we submitted for you, ask PBA at or 2-8631.
      • If you send the wrong email to NRC you’ll get a message that says "Account information not found. Please try again."
    • FAQ - check here for answers to questions that have already come up on the faculty questionnaire
    • UCB markup showing pre-populated and critical items, with sources (Word, 27 pages, uses color). This version will be more useful than the raw questionnaire at the NRC site.  Pre-populated means info we sent to NRC to load into your questionnaire.  Example: Year hired. 
    • Tips on logistics (Word).  For UCB program NRC coordinators and those having technical troubles with the questionnaire. 
    • Raw questionnaire as posted at the NRC site
    • Faculty questionnaire information we sent to NRC about an individual is available at
    • Details on sponsored research for Section E of the faculty Questionnaire (Excel)
    • Search student committees and dissertation-section enrollments - by student name and/or faculty name, for your reference.  This info is the source of committee counts in section A of the questionnaire. 

  • Other information for faculty and about the faculty questionnaire:
  • Last revision 07/20/10

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