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NRC Faculty Lists

Summary diagram of how the evidence has been used to classify an individual
in a program as Core, New, Associated, or not listed, per NRC rules

  Dead (per PeopleSoft D status) Formal affiliation with the campus Current formal affiliation w the program Activity in doctoral ed in the program  
Current formal affiliation w the campus Formal emeritus appt, no other current formal affil w the campus Current TTT appt (any program), hired summer 2003 or after, new per NRC Advisor: Chair of final or comp exam committee, or instructor of disseration section  Advisor or member of final or comp examination committee Est  N
Column name in FacList Excels: Dead   OvvCurAffil OvvEmeritusOnly OvvNewTTT CurAffilProg Advisor AdvOrMember  
New no Yes   Yes Yes   no 90
Core-Em no Yes Yes   Yes Yes   30
Core-TTT no Yes no   Yes, TTT   Yes 1000
Core-not TTT no Yes no   Yes, not TTT Yes or 2+ cmts 100
Assoc-Advisor no Yes no   no Yes   100
Assoc-Cmt member only no Yes no   Yes, not TTT no max 1 70
No campus affil no no no   no no no 900
No campus affil no no no   no Yes Yes 136
No program affil, not advisor no Yes no   no no no 1200
No activity no Yes no   Yes no no 200
Emeritus, not advisor no Yes Yes   Yes no no 150
Dead Yes             90

Shaded blocks (all colors): Combination that selects a case for listing and categorizes
Red text: Reason why not on list
Blue text: Would be a reason to list if not for red text in same row
Blank cells: Irrelevant for that row

PBA: L:/ir/nrc/faccom/FacListDiagram.xls from

Last revision 12/06/06

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