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NRC Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs

About the ratings study

  • Expected date: April 2007. 
  • Aka "anchoring study" and "ratings questionnaire" and "rating survey."
  • Who will get the questionnaire:  A sample of faculty who respond to the faculty questionnaire by 2-22-07.  These people are called "raters."
  • What the raters will get:  An envelope in US mail with a cover letter, a rating form, and a piece of paper for each of 15-20 programs in the rater's (NRC) field.  E.g. John Stevenson may see Yale English, Michigan English Lit, Kent State English, etc.  
    • For each of the 15-20 programs, the rater will see: Program and institution name, a list of faculty, student graduation rate, and a bit of other info.  The rater will rate familiarity with each of the 15-20 programs, and will also rate the "quality" of each one.

  • What happens to the ratings collected:  The ratings will never be published.  Instead, they are used to derive equations that say something like this:  In English, quality =  Nbooks/fac * .32 + Nhonors/fac * .55 + gradrate*1.2 +3.2.    Later, the equations will be used to CALCULATE "ratings" for ALL programs, with the quantitative factors like Nbooks/fac, Nhonors/fac, and gradrate, as inputs.
  • Info at the NRC site
  • Why you might want to be a rater: You have strong or unusual feelings about what determines quality in your field and are prepared to make ratings that reflect those feelings, or you're a good citizen.

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