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About NRC Faculty Lists -
Background for programs

Faculty lists were submitted on December 15, 2006. The following links provide you access to the submitted list, as well as information on how the lists were compiled.

  • Access an Excel file of the submitted faculty list
  • Characterizing our lists - coming
  • The diagram of NRC rules for including a faculty member on a program list
  • Complete background and instructions are in a PDF; Use the "bookmarks" in the PDF to access the various sections. Other material in the PDF for programs include:
    • What’s on a “faculty list” – what we submit to NRC
    • How the faculty lists will be used in the NRC study
    • Evidence we’ve used at UCB
      • On affiliation with CU-Boulder and with the program
      • On activity in the doctoral program – student committees and instruction of dissertation course sections
    • How the evidence has been used to classify an individual in a program as Core, New, Associated, or not listed, per NRC rules    
    • Allocations and overrides.  These pertain mostly to individuals appearing on the faculty lists of multiple programs.  There are 142 such individuals in the 32 lists, appearing on two or three lists each.  Allocations and overrides are especially critical for faculty involved in neuroscience and in cognitive science.       
    • Issues with particular programs – including APS, ATOC, COMC, CHEM, GEOL, NRSC, COGS, PSYC, comparative literature, English, IPHY, and EBIO.
  • FAQ on faculty lists
  • Search student committees and dissertation-section enrollments - by student name and/or faculty name.  For your reference.

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