The Student Activities question - 18 activities

Program Questionnaire D8: Please indicate whether your institution and/or your program
provides the following kinds of support for doctoral students or doctoral education.

  1. Orientation for new graduate students
  2. International student orientation
  3. Language screening/support prior to teaching
  4. Instruction in writing (outside of program requirements) 
  5. Instruction in statistics (outside of program requirements) 
  6. Prizes/awards to doctoral students for teaching and/or research
  7. Assistance/training in proposal preparation
  8. On-campus, graduate student research conferences
  9. Formal training in academic integrity/ethics
  10. Active graduate student association
  11. Staff assigned to the graduate student association    
  12. Financial support for the graduate student association  
  13. Posted academic grievance procedure    
  14. Dispute resolution procedure    
  15. Regular graduate program directors/coordinators meetings
  16. Annual review of all enrolled doctoral students
  17. Organized training to help students improve teaching skills    
  18. Travel support to attend professional meetings