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CU-Boulder program findings and results

First posting 9/28/2010 at 11 AM MDT.  Second 9/28/10 ~1:15PM to update Computer Science only.
We plan enhancements later

Programs rated in the current assessment, with link to a PDF with tables and plots

CU-Boulder program name NRC field PDF
Aerospace Engineering Sciences Aerospace Engineering NRC_UCB_ASEN.pdf
Anthropology Anthropology NRC_UCB_ANTH.pdf
Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics NRC_UCB_AMEN.pdf
Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Astrophysics and Astronomy NRC_UCB_APAS.pdf
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology NRC_UCB_ATOC.pdf
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering NRC_UCB_CHEN.pdf
Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemistry NRC_UCB_CHEM.pdf
Civil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering NRC_UCB_CVEN.pdf
Cognitive Science 1,2 Psychology NRC_UCB_COGS.pdf
Communication Communication NRC_UCB_COMM.pdf
Comparative Literature Comparative Literature NRC_UCB_CMLT.pdf
Computer Science Computer Sciences NRC_UCB_CMSC.pdf
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology NRC_UCB_EBIO.pdf
Economics Economics NRC_UCB_ECON.pdf
Electrical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering NRC_UCB_EEEN.pdf
English English Language and Literature NRC_UCB_ENGL.pdf
French French and Francophone Language and Literature NRC_UCB_FREN.pdf
Geography Geography NRC_UCB_GEOG.pdf
Geology Earth Sciences NRC_UCB_GEOL.pdf
History History NRC_UCB_HIST.pdf
Integrative Physiology Physiology NRC_UCB_IPHY.pdf
Linguistics Linguistics NRC_UCB_LING.pdf
Mathematics Mathematics NRC_UCB_MATH.pdf
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering NRC_UCB_MCEN.pdf
Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology Cell and Developmental Biology NRC_UCB_MCDB.pdf
Neuroscience 2 Neuroscience and Neurobiology NRC_UCB_NRSC.pdf
Philosophy Philosophy NRC_UCB_PHIL.pdf
Physics Physics NRC_UCB_PHYS.pdf
Political Science Political Science NRC_UCB_PSCI.pdf
Psychology Psychology NRC_UCB_PSYC.pdf
Sociology Sociology NRC_UCB_SOCI.pdf
Spanish Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature NRC_UCB_SPAN.pdf
Theatre Theatre and Performance Studies NRC_UCB_THTR.pdf

1Cognitive Science and Psychology are both ranked in the same NRC field, Psychology.
2Cognitive Science and Neuroscience are both joint PhD programs, with faculty and students from many departments; students receive one PhD in two fields, such as Linguistics and Cognitive Science, or Integrated Physiology and Neuroscience.


Last revision 09/28/10

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