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National Research Council (NRC) Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs
at CU-Boulder

Updated May 2, 2011; new material is highlighted

  • Data Shell of NRC Column/Variable Names: Used in reading NRC's download of rankings and other stats, ResDocTableWin.xls, into SAS. Updated 5/2/2011 Excel
  • PBA checked the April 21 2011 NRC re-release (v2) and did notify depts of noteable changes. NRC then re-re-released on April 29 (V3). V4 may come. We will be in touch with depts. For update on doings nationally see

Findings and results -- Rankings, peer lists, program values, comparisons, for CU-Boulder and beyond, with links to interactive data exploration facilities -- last update 10/7/10 

Background on the study and CU-Boulder participation

  • CU-Boulder Programs - Based on the criteria and taxonomy established by NRC, 33 CU-Boulder PhD programs are ranked.  Link lists each, links to further detail, discusses programs not participating, and lists programs at other Colorado universities.
  • Faculty lists - Information about CU-Boulder faculty, with listings, sources, "allocation," how NRC used the information, and more. Includes info on faculty turnover since the fall 2006 NRC time point. 
  • Methods and measures:  Measures and ranking methods, with sources, time points, CU-Boulder processes, and more.            Post-release issues including March 2011 convocation presentation
  • 1995 NRC study, including results for CU-Boulder programs and changes in program configurations since 1995.   

Key contacts for CU-Boulder


Last revision 05/02/11

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