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Institutional Analysis Staff Photos

Photos - September, 2012

  • LouMcClelland  Lou McClelland
    RobStubbs  Robert Stubbs
    Associate Director
    GlennColby  Glenn Colby
    IR Analyst
    FranCosta  Fran Costa
    Senior Researcher
    KristenCurry  Kristen Curry
    FCQ Assistant
    FanchonFinucane  Fanchon Finucane
    IR Analyst
    CathyKerry  Cathy Kerry
    BlakeRedabaugh  Blake Redabaugh
    IR Analyst
    MegRowland  Meg Rowland
    Coordinator - FCQ
    PerrySailor  Perry Sailor
    Senior Researcher
    XiaoluSturgeon  Xiaolu Sturgeon
    IR Analyst
    AnnieThayer  Annie Thayer
    Coordinator - IA
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