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Institutional Analysis Staff

Group Photo - October 2012                 Org chart - 2013    

Director -- Robert Stubbs, graduate studies, economics, CU-Boulder 1997.
Began at CU-Boulder: Fall 1994 in master's program in economics, while also working in Office of Planning and Institutional Research (which merged with PBA in April 1998). Started with PBA: April 1998.

Responsibilities: General oversight; technology and data infrastructure; oversee IA technical staff of four IR analysts; work with CU-system IRM (Information Resource Management) and other CU IR offices on data warehouse issues; work with Faculty Information System and other CU-Boulder sources.  Primary representative to AAUDE. Specialties: faculty salaries, employee data including affirmative action, audit system for CU-Boulder and AAUDE.
Assistant Director -- Perry Sailor, Ph.D., research and evaluation methodology, Utah State U 1997.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: November 1998.

Responsibilities:  Admissions, financial aid, support of academic units, enrollment prediction committee, outcomes assessment, FCQ team, analysis methods.
IR Analyst -- Glenn Colby, Ph.D. candidate, math/science education, Vanderbilt University (expected completion in 2012).
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: February 2012

Responsibilities: Data infrastructure and files librarian, personnel and research data.
Senior Researcher -- Fran Costa, Ph.D., personality and social psychology, CU-Boulder 1983.
Began at CU-Boulder: 1978 as a research assistant in the Research Program on Problem Behavior, Institute of Behavioral Science. Started with PBA: January 2007.

Responsibilities: Survey research -- survey development, data collection, file preparation, data analysis and reporting; external reporting (including college guides) -- data analysis, data interpretation, reports, research and documentation.
IR Budget Communications Coordinator -- Rachel Dahir, B.B.A., marketing, Texas A&M University-Commerce 2011.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: August 2014.

Responsibilities:  Development and assessment of communication plans for PBA, including but not limited to promoting surveys, updating website, and coordinating information requests.  
IR Analyst - Fanchon Finucane, M.H.S., epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University 1985.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: August 2008.

Responsibilities: FCQ systems and data, course data, SAS, systems support, survey support.  
Researcher -- Cathy Kerry, M.A., linguistics, CU-Boulder 1993.
Began at CU-Boulder: April 1981 as an administrative assistant in the Psychiatry department at Wardenburg Health Center.
Started with PBA: August 1990. Formally retired summer 2007. Working part-time.

Responsibilities: Survey research logistics--including survey design, response rates, open-ended comments processing; oversight of intra-office library system; and assistance with ad hoc survey projects.
Senior Researcher -- Lou McClelland, Ph.D, social psychology, U of Michigan 1974; B.A., psychology with math minor, U of Kansas 1969.
Began at CU-Boulder: August 1974, visiting professor in psychology.  RA and PI in IBS, 75-83. Started with PBA (then called Research and Testing): September 1983. Retired as Director May 2013. Working part-time.

Responsibilities: Alternate representative to AAUDE (Association of American Universities Data Exchange); AAUDE national chair, 2007-08; faculty productivity, and comparative analysis using Academic Analytics data.
IR Analyst -- Blake Redabaugh , B.S., statistics, Colorado State University 2000.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: August 2000.

Responsibilities: General programming, regular student and course audits, files, and reporting; teacher education program support, graduate-level college guides, student athlete reporting, web site maintenance, NSSE longitudinal dataset for AAUDE.
FCQ coordinator -- Meg Rowland, B.A., literature, UC Santa Barbara 1975; graduate work, biophysics, Harvard 1977; M.A., English, CU-Boulder, 2009.
Began at CU-Boulder: March 1996 as a temp in applied math, permanent July 1996.
Started with PBA: August 1997 in the FCQ office. Formally retired February 2010. Working part-time.

Responsibilities: FCQ supervision and oversight.
Coordinator -- Annie Thayer, Ph.D., biomechanics/exercise science, U of Iowa 1990.
Began at CU-Boulder: Fall 1993 as consultant/office assistant in Kinesiology, then worked in Kinesiology as a post-doc on an NIH award from 1994-1996. Started with PBA: October 1999. Formally retired from IA Chief of Staff and Assistant Director, December 2008. Working part-time.

Responsibilities:  External reporting especially CU-System (diversity, performance contract), Higher Learning Commission (accrediting agency), and IPEDS; performance indicators; web management and design.  

Former staff

Former FCQ Assistant Kristen Curry started in PBA September 2013, left March 2015.
Alumnus/retiree; Formerly Senior data and systems analyst -- Gary Pfeifer, B.A., French, CU-Boulder 1976.
Began at CU-Boulder: Fall 1971 as a freshman in Engineering Physics, changed to regular Physics, went to France for junior-year abroad, and ended up a French major.
Started in PBA (then Research and Testing): April 1989.  Formally retired March 2009 from FCQ and SAS responsibilities.
Alumnus: Former Assistant Director for Survey Research -- Jeff Schiel, Ph.D., educational psychology, emphasis in statistics and measurement, U of Northern Colorado 1988.
Began at CU-Boulder and started in PBA: August 2002; left July 2011 to return to ACT, Iowa City, IA.
At various points since 1983 all or part of what is now Institutional Research has been known as...
  • Research & Testing
  • Research & Information
  • Student Affairs Research Services
  • Academic Planning & Budget
  • Planning & Institutional Research
  • Institutional Analysis

Now, Institutional Analysis is known variously as IA, IR, and Institutional Research.

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