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Institutional Research Staff

Steve Vassallo 
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Integrated Planning & Decision Support -- Steve Vassallo, MPA in financial management and public policy, NYU. Currently pursuing PhD in higher and postsecondary education from NYU.
Began at CU-Boulder and PBA in August 2015

Responsibilities: Collaborates with universtiy units to help ensure the use of data in decisions made for the future of the university.
Raza Dawood 
Director, Reporting and Analytics -- Raza Dawood, BA English Literature, NYU. MA English Literature, NYU.
Began at CU-Boulder and PBA in January 2016

Responsibilities: Modeling and integrating data across the university for the purpose of data driven decision making.
Director, Institutional Research -- Robert Stubbs, graduate studies, economics, CU-Boulder 1997.
Began at CU-Boulder: Fall 1994 in master's program in economics, while also working in Office of Planning and Institutional Research (which merged with PBA in April 1998). Started with PBA: April 1998.
Responsibilities: General oversight; technology and data infrastructure; oversee IR technical staff of four IR analysts; work with CU-system IRM (Information Resource Management) and other CU IR offices on data warehouse issues; work with Faculty Information System and other CU-Boulder sources.  Primary representative to AAUDE. Specialties: faculty salaries, employee data including affirmative action, audit system for CU-Boulder and AAUDE.
Assistant Director & Senior Researcher, Institutional Research -- Perry Sailor, Ph.D., research and evaluation methodology, Utah State University 1997.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: November 1998.

Responsibilities:  Admissions, financial aid, support of academic units, enrollment prediction committee, outcomes assessment, FCQ team, analysis methods.
Senior Researcher -- Fran Costa, Ph.D., personality and social psychology, CU-Boulder 1983.
Began at CU-Boulder: 1978 as a research assistant in the Research Program on Problem Behavior, Institute of Behavioral Science. Started with PBA: January 2007.

Responsibilities: Survey research -- survey development, data collection, file preparation, data analysis and reporting; external reporting (including college guides) -- data analysis, data interpretation, reports, research and documentation.
IR Budget Communications Coordinator -- Rachel Dahir, B.B.A., marketing, Texas A&M University-Commerce 2011.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: August 2014.

Responsibilities:  Development and assessment of communication plans for PBA, including but not limited to promoting surveys, updating website, and coordinating information requests.  
IR Analyst - Fanchon Finucane, M.H.S., epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University 1985.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: August 2008.

Responsibilities: FCQ systems and data, course data, SAS, systems support, survey support.  
Researcher -- Cathy Kerry, M.A., linguistics, CU-Boulder 1993.
Began at CU-Boulder: April 1981 as an administrative assistant in the Psychiatry department at Wardenburg Health Center.
Started with PBA: August 1990. Formally retired summer 2007. Working part-time.

Responsibilities: Survey research logistics--including survey design, response rates, open-ended comments processing; oversight of intra-office library system; and assistance with ad hoc survey projects.
Sara Kiyani 
PBA Communications Intern -- Sara Kiyani, Senior, Communications, CU-Boulder, expected graduation December 2016.
Started with PBA: January 2016.

Responsibilities:  Assisting the Communications Program Manager in the development of communication plans for PBA, working on surveys and marketing campaigns, coordinating outreach programs for university wide campaigns, updating website and other misc. duties.  
Senior Researcher -- Lou McClelland, Ph.D, social psychology, U of Michigan 1974.
Began at CU-Boulder: August 1974, visiting professor in psychology.  RA and PI in IBS, 75-83. Started with PBA (then called Research and Testing): September 1983. Retired as Director May 2013. Working part-time.

Responsibilities: Alternate representative to AAUDE (Association of American Universities Data Exchange); AAUDE national chair, 2007-08; faculty productivity, and comparative analysis using Academic Analytics data.
Aaron Monson 
FCQ Program Manager -- Aaron Monson, M.A., public history/museum studies, Arizona State University 2009.
Began at CU-Boulder: August 2015.

Responsibilities: FCQ supervision and oversight.
IR Analyst -- Blake Redabaugh , B.S., statistics, Colorado State University 2000.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: August 2000.

Responsibilities: General programming, regular student and course audits, files, and reporting; teacher education program support, graduate-level college guides, student athlete reporting, web site maintenance, NSSE longitudinal dataset for AAUDE.
FCQ coordinator -- Meg Rowland, M.A., English, CU-Boulder, 2009.
Began at CU-Boulder: March 1996 as a temp in applied math, permanent July 1996.
Started with PBA: August 1997 in the FCQ office. Formally retired February 2010. Working part-time.

Responsibilities: FCQ program managment consulting, FCQ policies.
Jason Straub Photo 
IR Analyst -- Jason Straub, M.S. Statistics, California State University East Bay, 2014.
Began at CU-Boulder and started with PBA: August 2015.

Responsibilities: Admissions and financial aid.
Coordinator -- Annie Thayer, Ph.D., biomechanics/exercise science, U of Iowa 1990.
Began at CU-Boulder: Fall 1993 as consultant/office assistant in Kinesiology, then worked in Kinesiology as a post-doc on an NIH award from 1994-1996. Started with PBA: October 1999. Formally retired from IA Chief of Staff and Assistant Director, December 2008. Working part-time.

Responsibilities:  External reporting especially CU-System (diversity, performance contract), Higher Learning Commission (accrediting agency), and IPEDS; performance indicators; web management and design.  

Former staff

Former FCQ Assistant Kristen Curry started in PBA September 2013, left March 2015.
Alumnus/retiree; Formerly Senior data and systems analyst -- Gary Pfeifer, B.A., French, CU-Boulder 1976.
Began at CU-Boulder: Fall 1971 as a freshman in Engineering Physics, changed to regular Physics, went to France for junior-year abroad, and ended up a French major.
Started in PBA (then Research and Testing): April 1989.  Formally retired March 2009 from FCQ and SAS responsibilities.
Alumnus: Former Assistant Director for Survey Research -- Jeff Schiel, Ph.D., educational psychology, emphasis in statistics and measurement, U of Northern Colorado 1988.
Began at CU-Boulder and started in PBA: August 2002; left July 2011 to return to ACT, Iowa City, IA.
Alumnus: Former IR Analyst Glenn Colby started in PBA February 2012, left July 2015.
At various points since 1983 all or part of what is now Institutional Research has been known as...
  • Research & Testing
  • Research & Information
  • Student Affairs Research Services
  • Academic Planning & Budget
  • Planning & Institutional Research
  • Institutional Analysis
  • Institutional Research

Now, Institutional Research is known variously as IR and Institutional Research.

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