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Methods Used in Recent Undergrad Outcomes Assessment

College Academic Unit Method (for those reporting for 01-02)
AS Anthropology Locally developed exam administered in 2000-level course, pre-post. Faculty evaluation of short essays written in 4000-level course.
AS Applied Mathematics Various graduating students had one or more of the following: survey/exit interview, national exam, senior project, entry in national competition, or app to grad school.
AS Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences New degree program (June 2000) -- no assessment of learning described in report.
AS Atmospheric/Oceanic Sci. (PAOS)  
AS Biology -- EPOB  
AS Biology -- MCDB ETS Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT) administered to self-selected group of 18 volunteers from senior-level courses; graduation statistics; survey of post-graduation plans.
AS Chemistry and Biochemistry  
AS Classics (1) External assessor visited 1000-level course and evaluated papers submitted. (2) Internal assessors (outcomes assessment coordinator plus instructors) rated exams and essays from 7 courses. (3) Translations of passages by students in 2nd-semester and 6th-semester Latin courses scored.
AS Communication  
AS Comparative Literature/Humanities Review of written work, individual examination of seniors' program of study for coherance (both scheduled for spring 03).
AS East Asian Languages and Civilizations  
AS Economics  
AS English Evaluation of 2000- and 4000-level papers by professor at Wisconsin-Oshkosh
AS Environmental Studies  
AS Ethnic Studies  
AS Film Studies Evaluation of product (films) by professionals working in field, of written essays from senior course by a CU-Denver prof.
AS Fine Arts Evaluation of student studio work by a professor at U of Arizona, and of written work in art history by a professor at U of Kansas
AS French/Italian  
AS GenEd: Crit Thinking  
AS GenEd: UMAP  
AS GenEd: Writing/Rhetoric Surveys of students, interviews with instructors, and classroom observations, all conducted by a grad student in education. Plan evaluation of actual writing in 03.
AS Geography  
AS Geology  
AS Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures  
AS History Evaluation of sample seminar papers by faculty committee, scored on 5 skills criteria
AS International Affairs Evaluation of capstone seminar papers by U of Wyoming prof
AS Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Cross-sectional comparison of 1000-level and 4000-level students on a locally developed exam.
AS Linguistics  
AS Mathematics Nationally normed test (MFAT) required of graduating seniors. No detailed yearly results reported, just "scores over the years generally in the xxx range."
AS Philosophy  
AS Physics Experimental study of online homework system (vs. traditional homework) effect on exam scores and other outcomes in large intro course.
AS Political Science Faculty committee evaluated teaching portfolios of 16 faculty. (In past had evaluated student portfolios, and will return to this in 03.)
AS Psychology  
AS Religious Studies Narrative evaluaton of student strengths/weaknesses by instructor of senior-level course (RLST 4830).
AS Sociology  
AS Spanish/Portuguese  
AS Speech, Language, and Hearing Science  
AS Theater and Dance Written diagnostic exams (frosh and seniors), videotaped performance and portfolio reviews (yearly), exit interviews.
AS Women's Studies Course instructor and interim program director scored 3 essays written by all 10 students in capstone course on 3 of 5 knowledge goals and 3 of 4 skills goals.
BU Business Administration  
EB Education (college)  
EN Engineering (college)  
EN Aerospace Engineering  
EN Chemical Engineering  
EN Computer Science  
EN Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering  
EN Electrical and Computer Engineering  
EN Interdisciplinary Telecommunications  
EN Mechanical Engineering  
JR Journalism  
MB Music Citation of highlights of student accomplishments, campus music events

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