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CU-Boulder use of CIP codes

IPEDS 2010-11 reporting calendar

Changes to the 2010-11 Data Collection

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IPEDS Submissions and Comparisons:

IPEDS is the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System of the US Department of Education. IPEDS reporting is required of all institutions. See the IPEDS site for an overview, and the AIR IPEDS site. The bold links on this page lead to information on individual surveys (select "IPEDS Resources," then click on "the Archived Survey Library" under "Survey Instrument Archive.")

Complete background on IPEDS surveys, statutory requirements, and survey items, published by NPEC, 2011. (PDF)

CU-Boulder’s IPEDS ID number is 126614.

Implementing IPEDS rules for collection, storage, and reporting of race/ethnicity: March '09 (Word)

The IPEDS Data Feedback Report (DFR) combines data from several IPEDS surveys to compare one institution to peers, here CU-Boulder to other AAU public US institutions. The report changes somewhat each year, covering enrollment, degrees, tuition and fees, graduation rates, employees, and finances. The report labeled "2006" was issued Sept 2006 and incorporates data submitted in 2005-2006, which refer to activity in fiscal year (FY) 2005 and in fall 2005 (which is in FY2006).  

You can generate IPEDS Data Feedback Reports for other institutions from the IPEDS site by selecting "Evaluate Data and Statistics" and then "Executive Peer Tool."

We list our AAU public peers and list IPEDS "unit ID’s" for all AAU US publics, including CU-Boulder, in a text file.

CU-Boulder submissions to IPEDS

Institutional Characteristics: Tuition & fees, overall enrollment, applicants, and more

Admissions: Admission considerations, selection process, and test scores (formerly part of Institutional Characteristics)

12-month Enrollment Summary: Fiscal year unduplicated student enrollment counts and instructional activity data; estimated FTE (full-time equivalent) at undergraduate and graduate levels (this FTE uses IPEDS definitions/calculations, which are not the same as state of Colorado calculations)

Fall Enrollment Survey: Enrollment by student level, gender, and ethnicity. Data for CU-Boulder are from the end of the fall term, and include students in extended studies or continuing education.

Degree Completion: Degrees awarded by CIP code, award level, gender, and ethnicity (prior year).

  • 2005-06 data (PDF), submitted October 2006
  • 2006-07 data (PDF), submitted October 2007
  • 2007-08 data (PDF), submitted October 2008
  • 2008-09 data (PDF), submitted October 2009
  • 2009-10 data (PDF), submitted October 2010, differentiating first and second majors for the first time
  • 2010-11 data (PDF), submitted October 2011, first and second majors
  • 2011-12 data (PDF), submitted October 2012, first and second majors
  • 2012-13 data (PDF), submitted October 2013, first and second majors
  • 2013-14 data (PDF), submitted October 2014, first and second majors
  • 2014-15 data (PDF), submitted October 2015, first and second majors

Finance Survey: Revenues, expenditures, net assets, and more.

  • FY 2005-06 (PDF), submitted April 2007.
  • FY 2006-07 (PDF), submitted April 2008.
  • FY 2007-08 (PDF), submitted April 2009. (Revised 4/13/2010)
  • FY 2008-09 (PDF), submitted April 2010.
  • FY 2009-10 (PDF), submitted April 2011.
  • FY 2010-11 (PDF), revised April 2013.
  • FY 2011-12 (PDF), submitted April 2013.
  • FY 2012-13 (PDF), submitted April 2014.
  • FY 2013-14 (PDF), submitted April 2015.
  • FY 2014-15 (PDF), submitted April 2016.
  • NOTE: Starting in FY05-06 what was the state tax dollar appropriation changed form in Colorado. See a year by year tally of where and how state appropriations have been reported in IPEDS finance, and how to make comparisons.

Human Resources Survey: Includes "fall staff," faculty salaries, and "employees by assigned position (EAP)." Extract from final submission for select sections includes Parts A, B, and C for all years. Section K is included only in odd numbered years. Remaining parts not shown to protect race/ethnicity information.

Outcome Measures: The OM component collects award and enrollment data from degree-granting institutions on four degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate cohorts (full-time, first time; part-time, first-time; full-time, non first-time; part-time, non first-time) at two points in time: six-year and eight-year. 2015-16 is the first year of OM data collection.

Graduation Rate Survey: Four, five, and six-year graduation rates for new full time freshmen.

Student Financial Aid: Number of recipients, type of financial aid, and average amount received. (Undergraduates only)


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