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Enrollment Projections

The Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis generates enrollment projections for incoming fall freshmen, incoming fall transfers, continuing undergraduates, graduate-level students, and non-degree students. Our primary focus is on the upcoming fall term, on headcount enrollment. We do some longer term projections as well.

Future enrollments are determined by student behavior, University behavior (e.g., goals, admissions rates, recruiting, retention efforts), State of Colorado behavior, demographic changes (like number of HS graduates) and other factors. All projections are educated guesses surrounded by considerable error. The further in the future the time point, the more the error – but even for an upcoming fall the margin of error is 2-3% for large predictable groups like continuing undergraduates, far more (over 10%) for smaller more volatile groups like out of state or international new graduate students.

Projections are generated for internal management use. The projections posted here are not promises of the number of students who will be enrolled; they are guesses. Use at your own risk.

Methods used


Planning -- Flagship 2030 enrollment task force

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