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Notes for fall 2010 and census definitions

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Status of federal mandate for new racial/ethnic codes

CU-Boulder Office of Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement

CU-Boulder Office of International Education

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How race/ethnicity information is collected and reported

CU-Boulder counts over time (usually for the most recent 10 years)

  • Report to the Regents  
  • Student-related, all by college and campus-wide
  • Survey results

    • Surveys of CU-Boulder undergraduates in 5 racial/ethnic groups --
      1994, 1998
    • CU-Boulder Student Climate Survey (undergraduate and graduates)
          Fall 2010 |  Fall 2006  |  Fall 2001
    • Self-reported racial/ethnic groups, from a set of survey items, Fall 2010
    • The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE): CU-Boulder findings, with some comparisons to AAU public institutions --
      NSSE 2000: Findings of Concern, NSSE 2006: Diversity Related Items

    One-term details

    Peer Comparisons

    • For peer comparisons go to our Peer Comparisons page and see other comparisons

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