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For CU-Boulder departments doing PRP (program review panel) self studies

Campus PRP website

As of October, 2008 this information is obsolete. PRP has been replaced by "Academic Review and Planning." Click here for more information.

PRP ("Program Review Panel," or regular review of academic units) is changing, with 2008-09 the first year of a revised cycle and procedure. PBA's understanding of the revised procedures and seven-year cycle (as of February 2008):
  • Each of 1st 6 years will be a cluster of related departments, institutes, centers.
    • Arts and humanities, in 08-09, first year. Includes music
    • Not sure of order on the rest:
      • Social science
      • Natural science 1 – life?
      • Natural science 2 – physical?
      • Engineering
      • Everything else
      • 7th year = academic administration and learn from cycle
  • Units in a cluster can collaborate, or not. If not, essentially same as prior
  • Cycle will start in a fall term with a forum of all units, but with some start-up work before that.
  • Units will have followup obligations – what’s been done about recommendation X, annual. As before.
  • Deans/provost will also have followup obligations – for recommendations to them. Not necessarily obligated to do, but to explain actions, acknowledge recs.  This is new.
  • PRP documents will go to ABC, academic budget committee. This is new.
  • Will still be self-studies, now with
    • “pre packaged standardized” info supplied by PBA - contents not yet determined 2/08.
    • Questions to units. Not necessarily all the same each year. E.g.,
      • On Flagship 2030 initiatives
      • On assessment. Not “what do you do re assessment” but “how do you know your bachelor’s graduates have the skills and knowledge you want them to?”
  • Change in PRP will be highlighted in accreditation self-study

All information noted on the PBA department links page, including the discussion of comparisons to peers, is potentially relevant to a self study.

Past PRP reports

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