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Information by Department

Relevant for departments or units that teach courses, have majors, grant degrees, and/or have sponsored research.

Academic Review and Planning (ARP)

The AARP process was initiated fall 2008, replacing the Program Review Panel (PRP) process. ARP uses standard "unit profiles" produced by PBA for units undergoing review in any year of the ARP cycle. Updated 10/3/2014

Faculty and Staff

Teaching, assessment, student charges, and support

  • Student credit hours taught, over time (Excel)
    • By college, sponsoring department, grad/undergrad level, and type of instructor: tenured and tenure-track, instructors and senior instructors, student titles (GPTI, TA, etc.), and other. Includes sample analyses.
  • Outcomes assessment summaries from departments
  • FCQ interactive data requestor for student evaluations of teaching; enables downloading multiple term results by subject, college, course, or instructor, in user-specified formats.
  • Delaware Study:  aka the National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity.  It includes data on student credit hours taught by level and type of instructor, plus expenses, for CU-Boulder and AAU public peers.
  • Student credit hours taken and "instructional effort" by course discipline and level
  • Graduate tuition and enrollment management task force (GTEMS): Tables for campus, colleges, and A&S discipline clusters, for the graduate school only. Tables by department available on request.
    • Profiles: New students and total enrollment by residency-citizenship group (international, US non-residents, Colorado residents), by appointment type (none, TA, RA), by doctoral vs. master's level, with counts, graduation rates, degree recipients, and time to degree. (Word document)
    • Summaries: Number of faculty, research expenditures, enrollment, and graduation rate, with enrollment by appointment type. (Word document)


Comparing CU-Boulder departments to those at other institutions:

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