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Information for CU-Boulder users of
The National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity --
The Delaware Study

Sample submission in Excel (demo.xls) for one CU-Boulder discipline, showing sources. 

Excel tool for comparing one CU-Boulder discipline to other CU-Boulder disciplines. Contains data from the 2012-13 academic year (submitted in January, 2014). Data for previous years are available upon request.

Sample peer comparison (hypothetical example) of one CU-Boulder discipline to AAU public peers.  Files with results for individual disciplines are not posted but are available for CU-Boulder internal management on requests to Peer comparisons for 2003-04 are the latest data available. Expect peer comparisons for 2004-05 around July-August, 2006.

Peer comparisons, CU-Boulder to AAU publics, selected degree and credit-hour measures per tenured and tenure-track faculty. October 2008 for A&S unit merit.

Pilot report on faculty activities outside of the classroom (publications, service,etc.) - May, 2003

Background on the Delaware Study

  • Annual national collection
  • All 4-year institutions are eligible. Participation is voluntary and free through 2004. Annual charge of about $250 per year effective fall 2005.
  • Optional AAU data exchange item - about 10-20 AAU publics participate regularly
  • All data are by academic discipline - e.g., history, electrical engineering. No total-institution data are available
  • Data collected for a discipline/organizational unit
    • Degrees granted - three-year average by level
    • Fall student credit hours and number of sections by
      • Lower division, upper division, and graduate levels
      • Organized courses vs. individual instruction
      • Type of instructor
        1. Tenured and tenure eligible
        2. "Other regular" - At UCB, instructor and senior instructor titles only
        3. "Supplemental" - At UCB, all not in another category. Includes lecturer, honorarium, adjunct, adjoint, attendant, visiting, research, classified staff, administrators, missing . . .
        4. TA's or other student titles with credit-bearing courses - At UCB this includes GPTI, TA, RA, student assistant
        5. TA/student section leaders of no-credit sections (LAB, REC sections)
    • Academic year total undergraduate student credit hours (SCH), graduate level SCH
    • Fiscal year salaries, estimated benefits, and direct (operating) expenses
    • Research expenditures. At UCB we allocate institute expenditures to relevant disciplines
  • More details:
  • See sample submission (demo.xls), based on a submission for a UCB Department
  • 2003 is the first year the University of Colorado Boulder participated in a pilot report on faculty activities outside of the classroom (publications, service, etc.)

At CU-Boulder

  • No participation prior to fall 2000
  • Data are submitted each fall for the previous fiscal year (i.e. in fall 2002, we submitted 01-02 data).  We receive peer data in the following Summer (i.e. summer 2003, we received peer data for 01-02). 
  • In reporting 04-05 data we created Delaware measures for all "PBA departments" with any courses taught or any majors. This includes several "PBA departments" not reported to Delaware -- e.g., honors, ROTC, study abroad -- because they are not disciplines per se.
  • We have submitted data on the following disciplines - The year in parenthesis denotes which year we began submitting data for the discipline
    • Aerospace Engineering (00)
    • Applied Mathmatics (03)
    • Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences (03)
    • Chemical Engineering (01)
    • Civil Enviro & Architectural Engineering (01)
    • Communications (01)
    • Computer Science (00)
    • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (03)
    • Education (02)
    • English (01)
    • Ethnic Studies (03)
    • French/Italian (03)
    • Geology (00)
    • History (01)
    • Journalism (01)
    • Linguistics (02)
    • Mechanical Engineering (01)
    • Music (00)
    • Physics (01)
    • Program in Atmos & Oceanic Sciences (03)
    • Psychology (00)
    • Sociology (01)
    • Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences (03)
    • Womens Studies (03)
    • Anthropology (01)
    • Art & Art History (01)
    • Business (00)
    • Chemistry (01)
    • Classics (02)
    • Comp Lit & Humanities (03)
    • East Asian Languages & Literature (02)
    • Economics (00)
    • Electrical & Computer Engineering (03)
    • Environmental Studies (03)
    • Film Studies (02)
    • Geography (01)
    • Germanic Languages (01)
    • Intergrative Physiology (01)
    • Law (01)
    • Mathematics (03)
    • Moleculary Cell & Devel Biology (03)
    • Philosophy (01)
    • Political Science (01)
    • Program in Writing & Rhetoric (03)
    • Religious Studies (02)
    • Spanish & Portuguese (01)
    • Theatre & Dance (02)
  • Note that the only degree programs not in the submission now are American Studies, Cognitive Science, Environmental Engineering, International Affairs, Museum, Neuroscience, and Telecommunications. Instruction in ROTC, PLC, RAP, and some other programs are not reported. Some units are compiled and shown in internal comparisons but are not reported to Delaware.

Using the comparative data from other institutions

  • To see data reported in our standard presentation format, check the UCB Discipline X example.  This presents AAU peer data for a hypothetical UCB discipline, and a comparison of the UCB discipline to the peers.
  • Disciplines organized differently at UCB vs. other institutions are tricky. Peer data will often be of no use.
  • Institutions on quarter system - FY and AY totals are comparable, but fall-only figures not. Must adjust these to be useful
  • Instructor types
    • We presume tenured and tenure-eligible are comparable at all institutions we'd use for comparisons
    • We presume TA/student titles are comparable enough
    • "Other regular" and "supplemental" will not be comparable.  We have not used these in peer comparisons.  We add these categories together to get a total for "all except tenured-tenure eligible and student titles."
  • Methods of calculating faculty FTE may not be comparable
  • We have data for only some AAU publics (no Californias). Institutions submitting for at least some disciplines:
  • Some institutions submit only selected disciplines. Some don't submit salaries and other expenses, or research expenses, or some other item. Some submit periodically, not annually.
  • There appear to be some data errors or really unusual institutions
  • We cannot show data on individual institutions with institution names without permission except for very limited internal management uses.  Therefore AAU peer comparisons for Boulder departments are available only on request to   Peer comparisons for 2003-04 are the latest data available. Expect peer comparisons for 2004-05 around July-August, 2006.

Using the data to compare UCB departments to each other

  • We have created an Excel tool to compare any UCB department (on which we've submitted data) to user-specified list(s) of other UCB departments.
  • We recommend that users store the Excel file on their own computer drives.  Instructions for use are inside the Excel file.  
  • Please note that all of the disciplines were not added until the fall 2003 submission. See above for when disciplines were added to the submission.
  • In reporting 04-05 data we created Delaware measures for all "PBA departments" with any courses taught or any majors. This includes several "PBA departments" not reported to Delaware -- e.g., honors, ROTC, study abroad -- because they are not disciplines per se.
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