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CU-Boulder List of STEM Disciplines

STEM disciplines are fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The specific disciplines included in lists of STEM fields vary across organizations, for which the STEM classification serves different functions. Our list of STEM disciplines relies on two governmental sources -- the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). The DHS list is used by U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) in immigration policy management, particularly as it relates to international students' opportunities for training through work experience in the U.S. The NSF list is used in the collection and reporting of data on STEM fields and in funding STEM programs and initiatives. Both lists are based on the codes developed by the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to classify instructional programs -- CIP codes. The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) has a website that lists the CIP codes of disciplines included in the ICE and NSF STEM lists.

STEM fields of study offered at CU-Boulder are listed in the table below. They include all areas of Engineering in which a degree is offered, nearly all Natural Sciences areas in which a degree is offered (with the exceptions of psychology and geography), four cross-disciplinary programs, and educational research and evaluation methodology.

CIP Code School/College* Plan Root Plan Description ICE STEM NSF STEM
03.0103 ARSC ENVS Environmental Studies Y Y
11.0701 ARSC CSCI Computer Science Y Y
11.0701 ENGR CSEN Computer Science Y Y
13.0601 EDUC REME Educ-Research & Evaluation Methodology Y N
14.0101 ENGR EMEN Engineering Management Y Y
14.0101 ENGR GEEN General Engineering Plus Y Y
14.0201 ENGR ASEN Aerospace Engineering Sciences Y Y
14.0401 ENGR AREN Architectural Engineering Y Y
14.0701 ENGR CBEN Chemical & Biological Engineering Y Y
14.0701 ENGR CHEN Chemical Engineering Y Y
14.0801 ENGR CVEN Civil Engineering Y Y
14.0901 ENGR ECEN Electrical & Comp Engineering Y Y
14.1001 ENGR EEEN Electrical Engineering Y Y
14.1001 ENGR TLEN Telecommunications Y Y
14.1201 ENGR EPEN Engineering Physics Y Y
14.1401 ENGR EVEN Environmental Engineering Y Y
14.1801 ENGR MTEN Materials Science & Engineering Y Y
14.1901 ENGR MCEN Mechanical Engineering Y Y
14.9999 ENGR XXEN Engineering - Open Option Y Y
26.0202 ARSC BCHM Biochemistry Y Y
26.0406 ARSC MCDB Biological Sciences-Molecular, Cellular, & Devel Y Y
26.0901 ARSC IPHY Integrative Physiology Y Y
26.1310 ARSC EBIO Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Y Y
26.1501 CRSS NRSC Neuroscience Y Y
27.0101 ARSC MATH Mathematics Y Y
27.0301 ARSC AMAT Math Dept Majr in Applied Math Y Y
27.0301 ARSC AMEN Applied Mathematics Y Y
27.0301 ENGR AMEN Applied Mathematics Y Y
30.2501 CRSS COGS Cognitive Science Y N
40.0201 ARSC ASTR Astronomy Y Y
40.0202 ARSC ASPS Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences Y Y
40.0401 ARSC ATOC Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Y N
40.0501 ARSC CHEM Chemistry Y Y
40.0508 CRSS CPHY Chemical Physics Y Y
40.0601 ARSC GEOL Geology Y Y
40.0603 CRSS GEOP Geophysics Y Y
40.0801 ARSC PHYS Physics Y Y

*ARSC=College of Arts & Sciences; ENGR = College of Engineering & Applied Science; CRSS = Cross-disciplinary; EDUC = School of Education.

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