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Key concepts related to counting, recording and reporting students, credit hours, courses, degrees, certificates and other formal awards

CU-Boulder List of STEM Disciplines

The GRAPple group

Concurrent bachelor's - master's (BAMA) degrees

  • We call concurrent bachelor's-master's degrees BAMA degrees (even though some pairings result in a BS/MS combination)
  • The word concurrent is also used to refer to concurrent enrollments with CU-Boulder and a high school or another CU campus. However, this is not how it is being used here.
  • BAMA pairs - this table lists the current approved BAMA pairings, along with other information including associated major codes, report majors, end dates, etc.
  • BAMA degrees - counts of BAMA degrees over time by major

CIP codes

Tracking changes in academic program definitions on SIS

  • SIS records AAR (admissions control record, screen 231) and RPR (academic program table, screen 1A3) together define valid degree and major combinations for creating admissions records, enrolling students in a term, and awarding degrees.
  • See the following links for comparisons of AAR and RPR at two time points. Last updated for 5/15/07 records vs. spring 2006 census

What shows on a diploma - coming soon!

Grand map: linking department-related concepts

  • The PBA "grand map" is designed to link together department level data on a variety of topics (majors, degrees, course teaching activity, faculty and staff counts, finances, research funding, etc.) from a variety of sources (SIS, PeopleSoft HR and Finance, OCG sponsored research reports, etc.).
  • More background information and details on the mappings

Approved degree programs as reported to CCHE - see this link for the following:

  • Most current (sorted by degree program name)
  • Sorted by degree program name (current and prior years)
  • Sorted by CIP code (current and prior years)
  • With detail on associated majors
  • Degree programs with new CIP codes in 2010 and 2000
  • And more...

Adding, splitting, ending, naming, and listing (on transcripts, diplomas, etc.) degree programs and associated academic concepts (majors/plans, minors, tracks/options/concentrations, certificates, events)


Last revision 11/06/13

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