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The GRAPple group

Representatives from the Graduate School, Registration, Admissions, PBA (Planning, Budget, and Analysis), and other areas "GRAPpling" with issues of CU-Boulder academic programs and related data.

Goals: understanding, matching, checking, and cleaning up lists of majors/programs in each of the entities listed below.

 Also see a diagram of these entities and their relationships.

  • SIS record RPR (record name iaRrcPR, SIS screen 1A3)
    • Also called the "academic program table."
    • Controls legal academic unit (AU) – college – degree – major combinations in enrollment and degree records on SIS.
  • SIS record AAR (record name iaArcAR, values listed on screen 231).
    • Controls legal college – major – entry level (freshman, transfer, new grad, readmit) – degree combinations that can be used in SIS admissions records.
    • Each of these combinations is called a “program."
  • Paper application forms -- which programs are listed?
  • Web application forms, including Apply Yourself (graduate web application) – which programs are listed?
  • Admissions letters
  • Information posted on CU-Boulder websites
    • Prospective student site, undergraduate and graduate
    • Individual department sites – e.g., which degrees offered by the program?
  • CU-Boulder catalog. Various lists of programs offered
  • CCHE's file of approved degree programs
  • What appears on a student's transcript and diploma
  • Other sources.


  • Everything
    • Applies to both undergrad and grad programs.
    • Will eventually include continuing education (B2).

Expected benefits

  • Better documentation. Explicit rules/practices, available to more than just the person responsible for the process. Capture what the old-timers know.
  • Cleaner student data, easier reporting and analysis.
  • Better coordination and appreciation of the role of each participating unit
  • Preparation for the new SIS system

Some notions of the group’s "big products"

  • Coordination (existence of the group itself!)
  • Process proposals, reviews, and changes
  • An "app to diploma" process document, describing the record-keeping processes involved from the time a student applies until they graduate. Including who is responsible for what, and on what cycle.
  • Data checks, and articulating rules for them. Describing how the pieces fit together, and making sure they do.
  • Storing related information that cannot be stored within SIS
  • Helping develop user-friendly systems for extracting data, such as the Registrar Query System
  • Web postings or other ways of making all this info public

Last revision 01/23/06

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