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Example questions related to changing or new graduate degree programs

Example questions

Engineering Management is in the development phase of designing/sponsoring an option within the ME degree program.  Essentially, this variation would provide the student with the opportunity to receive an ME with an emphasis in Construction  Management. To qualify for this option, the student would be required to take five Engineering Management courses and five Civil Engineering courses.

  • What type of paperwork or process would the graduate school require in order to officially offer the degree with this new variation?
  • Would a new degree need to be proposed?
  • Could the emphasis in Construction Management be noted on the student transcript (e.g., Masters of Engineering in Construction Management)?

Answers (from Ginny Borst-Young and Lisa Hutton, Graduate School, June 2006)

  • Approval of tracks (a.k.a. options, emphases): for graduate programs, any new tracks would need to be approved by the EAC committee. Tracks DO appear on the transcript. Contact Lisa Hutton in the graduate school for more information.
  • Approval of graduate curricula: any new graduate curriculum needs to be approved by the curriculum committee.
  • However, a new track would not show on their diploma. If you were actually hoping the degree would read "Master of Engineering in Construction Management", that would require a new degree program. You would have to follow all the procedures for a new degree, including going through EAC, going through CCHE, going through the Board of Regents etc. A new major code etc would be needed after those approvals.
    • Bernadette Langbein in the Provost's office coordinates this process.

Last revision 07/11/06

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