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Undergraduate Transfers Between CU-Boulder and Other Colorado Institutions, 2000-01

  • Source:CCHE data table for fiscal year 2000-01 (three academic terms), distributed to Academic Council, November 2001.
  • CU-Boulder received a total of 1,867 transfers; this includes 182 (10% of the total) who transferred within UCB, by going from Non-degree-seeking to Degree-seeking status (technically a transfer).
  • Of the 1,867 total transfers, 882 (47%) came from outside Colorado, 397 (21%) from Colorado public four-year institutions, 372 (20%) from community colleges in Colorado, 182 (10%) from UCB as non-degree-seeking to degree-seeking internal transfers, and 34 (2%) from private Colorado colleges.
  • Of the 372 from community colleges, 213 (57%) came from Front Range CC, making it the largest supplier of transfers to CU-Boulder. The 372 from Colorado community colleges to UCB represent 9% of the 4,348 total transfers from community colleges to Colorado four-years.
  • Among the 397 from Colorado four-year institutions who were not internal transfers,most transfers to UCB came from Colorado State and CU-Denver (70 each), and Metro and Northern Colorado (62 each).
  • A total of 417 students transferred from UCB to other Colorado four-year publics in 2000-01.For these students, by far the most popular destination institutions were CU-Denver (153) and Metro (140), followed by Colorado State with 62.
  • In comparison to UCB, Colorado State received a higher percentage of its transfers from community colleges (29% vs. 20% for UCB), and a lower percentage from out of state institutions (36% vs. 47%). CSU also had a higher percentage of internal transfers than UCB (15% vs 10%), and quite a few more total transfers (2,623 vs. 1,867).Colorado State was the destination campus for 17% of all Colorado community college transfers (compared to 9% for UCB), and drew 42% of its community college transfers from Front Range CC.
  • The largest single supplier of students from Colorado four-years transferring to CSU was UNC, although these were only about 20% of the total (excluding internal transfers).The most popular destination school for the 430 students leaving CSU for other institutions was Metro (141), followed by UCD (80) and UCB (70).
  • UCB gained students in exchanges with every other Colorado public four-year except UCD, Metro, and Mesa - twice as many students transferred from UCB to UCD and Metro as from them.This probably reflects the importance of UCD's and Metro's location in central Denver. See below for details.

Fiscal Year 2000-01 (3 terms) undergraduate transfers to/from CU-Boulder, by sending/receiving institution (Colorado 4-year institutions only).

To UCB 3 31 70 33 12 62 *** 29 70 62 10 15 397
From UCB 0 2 62 8 13 140 *** 2 153 22 8 7 417

***:An additional 182 students were internal transfers within UCB, from non-degree-seeking to degree-seeking status.

Perry Sailor and Lou McClelland
December, 2001 - L:\ir\emgt\adm\ucbtrans.doc

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