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University of Colorado at Boulder
August 17, 2010 fall enrollment update

CU-Boulder officially counts enrolled students on “census date,” which this year is Friday, September 10. We project enrollment of continuing students based on historical continuation rates, and also monitor registrations of new students throughout the summer. At the same time, the colleges host orientations for new students and pre-register many in courses even before students arrive on campus.

Based on projections of students continuing their enrollment from last spring, combined with close monitoring of new freshmen and transfers paying enrollment and housing deposits, we expect total enrollment for fall 2010 to be close to 2009’s figure, at around 30,000 students.

We expect a freshman class of around 5,200, about 6% below 2009. Total enrollment should remain relatively steady due to enrollment of students from the larger freshmen classes of recent years, who are still working on their degrees.

Classes begin on Monday, August 23. Official census counts may be available a bit later than in past years – late the week after census -- as we continue to adjust to our new student information system.

PBA reference: L:\IR\emgt\Terms\107\PR20100817.docx

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