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Common Data Set

Using Clearinghouse Student Tracker to ID enrollment at other colleges/universities

Private page for CU-Boulder enrollment management staff

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Undergraduate Admissions

  • General Reports

    • Undergraduates by college and entry type including IUT's, 1991 - present (Excel)
    • Colorado Department of Higher Education annual reports on transfers to and transfers from Colorado two- and four-year schools and colleges, by school. Note: transfers from CU-Boulder, to CU-Boulder, are students entering CU-Boulder degree-seeking status, coming from CU-Boulder non-degree status.
    • Exchange students at CU-Boulder since fall 1993 (Word)
    • Graduation rates and other information on Pre-collegiate Development Program (PCDP) completers who enrolled at CU-Boulder, 9/2012 (Word)
    • A brief timeline of local and nationwide events that might affect student enrollment: 1988 to the present, with link to list of earlier events (1946-1988) from Norlin Archives (PDF)
  • Freshmen

  • Transfers

Graduate Admissions

  • Applications, admits, and matrics, fall 2012-2014, by residency and college/level
  • Fall 2010 graduate-school admits recorded on Campus Solutions who did not matriculate at UCB. December, 2010 (Excel)
  • Graduate School, Apply Yourself applications for 2008-2010, by major, level, term, residency, and time point.
    Use to compare applications now to same point prior year(s) (Excel)

Relevant to the CCHE admission standard

  • Resident non-resident mix rules at CU-Boulder, 2013 (PDF)
  • Policy in a nutshell (Word)
  • CCHE admission standard policy (PDF)
  • Summary matrix of current admission standard policy (Excel)
  • "Window" Admissions
  • Relationship of admission index to student outcomes at CU-Boulder (Powerpoint)
  • Modeling the HEAR high school curricular requirements for CU-Boulder admits (Word)
  • Processing self-reported high school units (Word)
  • CU meeting re HEAR and HS units (Word)

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