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BFA Administrator Appraisal Program

The Administrator Appraisal Program (AAP) is directed by the Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) with technical support and implementation by the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis. It is designed to foster high quality academic administration on the Boulder campus and to encourage administrators to be responsive to faculty concerns.

In 2000 the Program was substantially revised to yield more in-depth feedback, with major influence on personnel decisions, by focusing an expanded, performance-based appraisal on administrators at the time of their review or reappointment. New AAP Committee policies were put into effect at that time.

The AAP Committee (current members are listed here) began a review of its policies during the 2007 evaluation cycle and decided to revise them, in order both to clarify particular components (e.g., the evaluation timeline, eligible raters) and to reflect procedural changes (e.g., adding a neutral category to the five-point effectiveness scale, moving from paper to web-based appraisal forms). The revised committee policies were approved by the BFA in September 2009.



Appraisal Forms

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