Daniel Sher
Dean, College of Music
Activities and Accomplishments since 1997-98

Please note: accomplishments listed below are the result of collaboration with faculty, staff and students of the College of Music, and with the upper administration, including the Office of Academic Affairs and the Chancellor's office. These accomplishments include those since my reappointment review in 1997-98.

  • Faculty and Staff: Over the past 2.5 years the College has added two positions in music education, one in ethnomusicology, one in voice (not yet filled), and a half-time position in accompanying. Three half-time staff positions have been added: one to manage equipment for classrooms and for faculty, one to assist faculty with technology, and one to provide assistance to our Undergraduate Studies Office.
  • Student Services: Since 1997, the Entrepreneurship Center for Music was created, funded by a grant from the private sector. The Center, staffed by a full time Director selected by a faculty search committee after a national search, is devoted to ensuring that our students are aware of the opportunities available to them for a career in music, have access to practicing professionals in the various sub-disciplines, and learn how to be successful in their chosen field. The Center, working through a faculty advisory group and with the Curriculum Committee, is also developing courses and making electives available to students that will assist them with their goals.

    The College has allocated funds from Festival and from other ticket revenues to provide a supplement for travel, as well as a modest pool of funds for which students can apply for professional travel.

  • Facilities: Since 1997, work has been completed on the various projects undertaken to improve facilities. These include completion of the renovation of the practice rooms, a new air-conditioning system for Grusin, and the subdivision and remodel of C-125 into a Conference/Seminar Room and a smaller classroom. This past summer, an exhaust system was installed for the piano technician's workroom, and the choral room was improved by removing the permanent seats, adding new carpet, and installing new moveable Wenger chairs. A cabinet was built and installed in Grusin (backstage) for the portable organ donated to the College. Renovations were completed in Macky to create two faculty offices and a resource room for Music Education.
  • Fund Raising: The College met its goals to raise private funds for the renovation projects, and received the funding for the Entrepreneurship Center. A major campaign is now underway to raise funds for faculty salaries. The endowment income is scheduled to be matched by the VC for Academic Affairs, over and above standard factor increases, to meet a goal of $240,000 in additional salaries for faculty; implementation is expected to begin with the next budget cycle.
  • Governance: Work continues to develop communications and democratic decision making processes within the College. The Faculty Council participates in all budget setting decisions, and both the Council and the entire faculty are consulted when budget presentations are prepared for the Vice Chancellor's Budget Committee. Each year the Council meets with the dean in a day long retreat to set priorities for new faculty hires, resource allocations, and process and governance issues. Overhaul of the Faculty Handbook made progress this past year, with completion scheduled for this AY.
  • Faculty recruitment: Since 1997, the College has appointed 14 new faculty, 7 for this coming year alone. The College is scheduled to search for 3, perhaps 4 new positions this AY.



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