University of Colorado at Boulder has over 50 faculty engaged in optical science and photonics engineering related research, across several academic departments. The university is host to a number of federally funded research centers in optics, and is home to three joint research centers with four local area national laboratories. CU's strength in optics was recognized in four Nobel laureates in the past decade.

This webpage, currently under construction, is being expanded to serve as a portal to optical science and photonics engineering research at CU Boulder, including our graduate programs in this area, seminars, and links with industry.

Optics and Photonics Research Brochure

Please see the following 2-page brochure on optics at CU: PDF Brochure. It summarizes research, faculty and research groups, departments, facilities, research centers and joint research centers with national laboratories, and industry interactions.

Research Seminar on Optical, Quantum and Electronic Systems (OEQS)

The Boulder OEQS seminar gathers the campus-wide and wider local optics research community to stimulate interaction locally and with leading visiting researchers. The schedule of the weekly seminar is posted in the right column.

Graduate Study and Research Opportunities

Graduate study in optics and photonics related research, toward a PhD or course-based (terminal) Master's degree, may be pursued in several academic departments, as well as institutes/centers such as JILA. In either case, the interested candidate should apply to one of the following academic departments:

Graduate Study Fellowships

The optics program offers a number of prestigious fellowships to top qualified applicants to the PhD program. These include fellowships associated with optics research at CU, as well as a number of general fellowships offered by the Office of the Dean of Engineering. These fellowships are merit based, and all qualified applicants are automatically considered; no separate application is needed.

The optics research community also features an NSF funded integrative graduate and fellowship program in Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging (COSI). Please see the COSI web page for more information about this program. We strongly encourage applications to this program. Applying to COSI is done in parallel with application to a department PhD program.

The close relationship of CU Boulder with Sandia National Laboratories also makes available a number of Sandia Fellowships to our PhD candidates.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Optics

The Colorado Nanofabrication Laboratory, housed in the Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, hosts a summer internship program on Nanostructures and Optics for undergraduate students, funded by the National Science Foundation. Please visit the program webpage for more information.

More Info

With any questions, please contact: optics-info at colorado dot edu.

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