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Supportworks - Windows 7 Firewall Settings

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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After Supportworks is installed, the Firewall settings must be fixed to allow the program to run properly.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Step 1

Click the Start menu, and type in the search box Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, and then click on the result.

Step 2

In the window that opens, click on Inbound Rules on the left.

Step 3

In the left panel, click on New Rule...

Step 4

Make sure Program is slected and click Next.

Step 5

Now select This program path: and click on the Browse... button.

Step 6

In the window that opens browse to your Programs folder [Programs (x86) on 64-bit systems], then open the Hornbill folder, then Supportworks, and select swcli7 and click Open.

Step 7

Back at the Program menu, click Next.

Step 8

At the Action menu, click Next.

Step 9

At the Profile menu, click Next.

Step 10

At the Name menu, in the Name: text field type Supportworks and click Finish.

Step 11

Your new rule will be listed at the top of the list. Right-click on it and select Properties.

Step 12

In the window that opens, click on the Scope tab.

Step 13

In the Remote IP address section, select These IP addresses: and click Add.

Step 14

In the window that opens, in the This IP address or subnet: text field type: and click OK.

Step 15

Click on the Add button again, and this time type and click OK.

Step 16

Click OK. You have no configured your firewall settings, you can close the window.

Test these settings by logging into Supporworks. Instructions for logging in are found in the Related Tutorials section below.

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