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Supportworks - Creating a Call

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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The following documentation goes through the process of creating a call in Supportworks step-by-step. Calls are created to alert the proper group of a problem, answer a question, or request a service.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Step 1

Login to Supportworks.

Step 2

From your initial Supportworks Today screen, click on the yellow and red exclamation point icon.

Step 3

Enter customer name and press Enter. If you enter a name that belongs to more than one customer a pop-up window, containing all of the possible choices will appear.

Step 4

Choose the desired customer from the new window and click OK.

Step 5

Click on the textbox under Problem Profile.

Step 6

Under the Problem Profiles, select the option best describing the category of your specific call.

*Note: A Problem is when an existing service is not working as designed. A Service Request is a request of an additional or enhancement to an existing service.

Step 7

Select the categories service and features on the issue suited to your call from the submenus until you are at the destination you feel appropriate for the issue and then click OK.

Step 8

Create a title for the call in the description of Problem, Question or Service Request. The title should be in the following format:

TITLE: Service – description of problem, question or service

Step 9

Now click on the button labeled Log Assign Call.

Step 10

A dialogue box will appear asking whether you are sure you would like to assign this call to the queue. Click Yes.

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