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Supportworks - Closing a Call

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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The following documentation goes through the process of closing a call in Supportworks step-by-step. In order to close a Supportworks call, you must first access the call details. To learn how to do this, please consult the documentation labeled Accessing a Call.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Step 1

Access the call details for your desired Supportworks call (Accessing a Supportworks Call documentation).

Step 2

Click the Resolve Call button at the bottom of your window.

Step 3

From the Resolve/Close window under Action Description, type what you did and resolve the customer's issue and/or answer the question they inquired about.

Step 4

The default will have the Update to be public box checked, which will allow everyone with access to Supportworks to see the update. If you wish to email the customer the resolution to issue check Email customer box.

Step 5

Click Close Call.

*Note: If you chose not to email the customer go to Step 7. If you chose to email the customer go to Step 6.

Step 6

When your email message appears check for three things. First make sure that the customers name is capitalized. Second, make sure that the overall text of the message is presented how you would like it to appear to the customer. Third, end the email with some sort of salutation and your full name. Then click Send.

Step 7

A dialogue box will now appear asking if you would like to close the call, click Yes.

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