ListProc Help - Subscribe or Unsubscribe to a List

Last Updated: 05/06/2014
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To subscribe to a ListProc list or to unsubscribe from a ListProc list, you must send the appropriate command to

This tutorial is operating system independent.


To subscribe to an existing list at CU-Boulder, send a message to with the Subject: line blank. In the body of the message type subscribe listname and your full name. For example:



To remove yourself from a list, log into your e-mail account that is subscribed to the list and send an e-mail  to ListProc ( with the subject line blank and this command in the body of the message:

unsubscribe listname firstname lastname

where you would substitute listname with the name of the list from which you would like to unsubscribe, then type your first name and last name.

For example:

unsubscribe bungee Chip Buffalo

Then press the Enter or Return key after the listname, so that your cursor is on the next line.

Before you send an e-mail to ListProc, read How to Send Commands to ListProc.
Also, note that italicized words should not be italicized when sending an e-mail to ListProc.