ListProc Help - Send a Message to a List

Last Updated: 05/06/2014
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To send an e-mail message to everyone subscribed to a list, address your message to (replacing the word listname with the actual name of your list).

This tutorial is operating system independent.

For example, to send a message to everyone subscribed to the list dedicated to discussions of bungee jumping, you would address your e-mail like so:

Remember that any message you send to the list will go to the entire list of people, so be sure you are considerate of this fact and don't misuse the list. Some list etiquette tips to keep in mind:

  • If you are having a conversation with just one person on the list, send your e-mail message to just that one person rather than to the entire list.
  • Don't send your unsubscribe or other commands to the list; this would only spam everyone who is subscribed to the list and would not initiate your command. Instead, send your list command to
  • Most importantly, be reasonable and courteous in your treatment of others when sending e-mail to the list.


Outgoing E-Mail ("From") Address

In order to successfully send an e-mail to a list that you are subscribed to, you must send the e-mail with the same outgoing e-mail address that you subscribed to the list with.

For example, if you subscribed to the list with, your e-mail messages to the list must come from

In order to find out what address you subscribed to the list with, ask the owner of the list.