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Last Updated: 05/06/2014
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These help pages describe how to use CU-Boulder's list processing software, ListProc, which runs on the OIT system This software allows subscribers to send messages to e-mail lists, which local list owners manage themselves.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Quick Start

List processing software allows people to create shared mailing lists for the purpose of efficiently sending information or having discussions among members of a particular group or community. Institutions around the world maintain millions of these discussion groups. OIT maintains the campus list processor at CU-Boulder, serving thousands of active discussion and informational lists with close to 200,000 list subscribers in total.

To get a listing of all of the lists available from the OIT list processing software, send an e-mail message to Leave the Subject: line blank, and in the body of the message type:


Keep in mind that the response you get will be a large e-mail, since it will contain a couple thousand list names. Also note that many lists are not public, so you may have to get the list owner's approval to join the list.


Throughout these ListProc help documents, anything presented as an italicized word means you should substitute word with your particular information. For example, in this line:

subscribe listname first lastname

you would substitute listname with the real name of the list you want to join and substitute first lastname with your first name and last name. Important: do not actually italicize any commands you send to ListProc.

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