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Identity Manager - Adding E-mail Address Alternates

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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How e-mail alternates work and why you would set one up:

  • E-mail alternate addresses are for situations when you expect to receive messages to a specific CU-Boulder mail server, even though you don't have an account there.
  • The most widely used example is for faculty and staff that used to have mail accounts on During that time, it's possible that colleagues, associates, and list messages were been addressed to Even though that was a long time ago, address books don't always get updated, so those same colleagues, associates and lists may still be sending messages to
  • Registering an alternate e-mail address will allow you to receive messages addressed that way. It doesn't mean you actually have an account on that server, it's only a routing rule that ensures your messages will be delivered.

Step 1

Go to Identity Manager and login with your IdentiKey.

Step 2

Click on Manage My Email Addresses.

Step 3

To register an alternate, use the Add an Email Address drop-down menus.

Step 4

First select the left-side part of the address. This is typically your CU Login Name and your firstname.lastname.

Step 5

Next, select the right side of the address. You can choose from any of the mail servers listed.

Step 6

Once selected, click Add.

Step 7

Your new alternate address will display in the Removable Email Alternate Addresses section.

Step 8

You can add as many alternate addresses as you like. To remove one, select it and click Remove.

Step 9

If this is the only change you plan on making, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. Then click OK to return to the main menu.

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