Identity Finder - Identify Private Data on Macintosh

Last Updated: 04/28/2015
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The following documentation demonstrates how to run a scan of your computer that will identify private data.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):
  • MAC

Step 1

Open Identity Finder. In order to set which Identities you would like to search for click the Identities icon.

*Note: The default settings will search for Social Security, Credit Card, and Password Values. If this is all you would like to search for go to step 3.

Step 2

Choose the identities that you would like to search for from the drop down menu by hovering over the identity and then click Any Find.

Step 3

Click on the Start to search for identities on your computer.

*Note: If you would like to only search a particular folder, click on Locations to define a specific place to search.

Step 4

Identity Finder will then begin to search for identities on your computer. This may take some time depending on how much information exists on your computer so be patient.

Step 5

Once finished an alert will appear saying Search Completed. Click OK and your main window will display the results from the search.

Step 6

When the search has completed a summary of your results will appear on the left side of your window. A detailed look at the document selected from the left pane will appear on the right pane of the results window.

Step 7

If results are returned, indicating that private data has been found, review the Private data quick reference table and choose one of these options.

  1. Remove the entire document using the Shred feature.
  2. If you have a valid business need for the private data, you must contact the IT Security Office (ITSO) to coordinate the best approach to securing your private data.

When in doubt about what to do contact the IT Security Office (ITSO) at The general rule is if you don’t need it Shred IT!

Documentation provided by Identity Finder

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