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Gmail - Configure Apple Mail OS 10.9

Last Updated: 09/17/2014
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This tutorial demonstrates how to configure Apple Mail on Macintosh for Gmail accounts.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):
  • MAC

You may need to enable IMAP for your account prior to configuration of your email client ( To do this: 

  1. From the Gmail web client, click Settings from the cog menu.
  2. In the POP/IMAP Download tab, click Enable IMAP.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Step 1

From the Mail Menu, select Add Account



Step 2

Select Add Other Mail Account... then press Continue.

  • Note: Do not select Google. That option will change the ending of your email from to 

Step 3

First, enter you desired display name in the Full Name text field. Then enter your Email Address ( and Identikey Password in the corresponding fields. 

Click Create.

Step 4

Click Next, if an "Account must be manually configured" message appears.

Step 5

For the Account type, make sure that IMAP is selected. Then in the Mail Server field type

Step 6

Enter your in the User Name field. 

Click Next

Step 7

In the SMTP Server field type

Step 8

Enter your CULoginName and Identikey password in the corresponding fields, then click Create

  • Note: Be sure that the Username doesn't have included or your mail will not be able to send. 

Step 9

Your Account should now be configured.

If a message appears asking to type in a Port, keep it blank then click the Create button.

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