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Exchange - Send a Calendar Invitation in Outlook 2007

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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When scheduling a meeting, you can invite others to the meeting. If they are an Exchange user, they can accept calendar invitations and have them automatically entered into their calendars. You can also send invitations to others via e-mail. Also, note that in order to schedule resources, you simply have to invite them like any other user. You will receive an automated response based on the resources availability.

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Step 1

Open Outlook. Click the Calendar button on the navigation pane.

Step 2

Click the New button in the upper-left hand corner of Outlook.

Step 3

Enter in the details for your event. When inviting others, be sure to make a title that others can recognize and put in the location. Put in the Start time and End time that you would prefer (you can check other’s availabilities soon). You can also put in notes for all attendees.

Step 4

To invite others to your event click the Invite Attendees button.

Step 5

In the To... field, enter the names of those you wish to send invitations to. To schedule a resource, enter its name in the To...field (Ex. TCOM 215). You will receive an automated response based on its availability. Click the Check Names icon.

TIP: You can also enter the email addresses of non-Exchange users to send them an email invitation too.

Step 6

Select the Scheduling tab to view the availability of your invitees. Ensure that your invitees are available during the requested time. Blue bars mean they are busy, blue-and-white hashes indicate they are tentatively busy, purple bars indicate they are out-of-the-office, and black-and-white hashes indicate they are not on Exchange. You can also adjust the date and time if necessary.

Step 7

You can also add attendees and/or resources by clicking an empty space beneath a name already present, and entering another name or resource. You can then adjust the meeting time if necessary.

Step 8

Outlook 2007 has a very handy feature for scheduling with multiple attendees. Once you have entered all the attendees and/or resources, click the AutoPick Next button. The time will automatically adjust to the next time that all attendees have available. Continue to click the button until a desired date/time has been found.

Step 9

When you are ready to send your invitation, click the Send button.

Step 10

Your meeting is scheduled and now appears on your calendar. Invitees will receive an invitation in their mailbox.

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