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Exchange - Create an Event in Apple iCal 4.x, 5.x

Last Updated: 04/28/2015
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The Calendar feature is likely one of the biggest advantages of the Exchange system. This document goes over the basic features of creating an event in iCal. You can also invite others to your event, as well as schedule resources.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):
  • MAC

Step 1

Open iCal. Click the File drop-down menu and select New Event.

Step 2

Double click on the New Event that appears on your calendar.

Step 3

At the top enter a title for your event. In the Location: field, enter a location if needed.

Step 4

Set the from time and to time.

Step 5

You can also set a repeat frequency.

Step 6

You can select an alarm for the event.

Step 7

You can click on the Private check box to hide event details for others capable of viewing your calendar. All they will know is whether the event is set to busy, tentative, or out of the office, and how long the event will last.

Step 8

You can change how the event is set – Busy, Tentative, Free, or Out of Office. Others will be able to see these as well, and this setting assists in other viewing your calendar and setting up meetings

Step 9

Click the Done button.

Step 10

The event will now be viewable from your Calendar view.

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