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Exchange - Blackberry Configuration

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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BlackBerry devices can use an application known as AstraSync to interact fully with OIT's Exchange service. With Exchange configured, you will be able to view the account's various mailboxes, and create custom mailboxes. AstraSync allows for users to use their Exchange e-mail as well as their Exchange calendar. Without this application the Exchange calendar will not be able to be viewed or used. However, e-mail is able to be accessed without AstraSync by using the settings located on the IMAP connections settings page.

Requirement: AstraSync Application

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Exchange Online Migration

Starting February 2015, campus units and departments began being migrated to Exchange Online, on an individual basis. If your department has been migrated, please visit the Exchange Online service area for more information.

Step 1

Tap the AstraSync button.

Step 2

Select Yes.

Step 3

Select OK.

Step 4

Select OK.

Step 5

Scroll down the License Agreement and choose Accept.

Step 6

Select Yes.

Step 7

In the Email Address: text field enter your email Address. In Domain: enter ad. In Username: enter your Identikey username and password in the Password: field.

Step 8

Tap Continue.

Step 9

The auto-configuration will have failed. In the Server: text field enter

Step 10

Check the box for Use SSL.

Step 11

Click Next.

Step 12

This screen will appear while it verifies the server credentials.

Step 13

Click Next.

Step 14

Wait while it checks for available folder to sync.

Step 15

Select the folders you wish to sync and click Next.

Step 16

Click Continue Anyway.

Step 17

Exchange is now configued for AstraSync!

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