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Exchange - Android Configuration

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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Android devices use ActiveSync to interact with OIT's Exchange service. With Exchange configured, you will be able to view the account's various mailboxes, and create custom mailboxes.

Minimum requirement: Android OS 2.x or higher.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Exchange Online Migration

Starting February 2015, campus units and departments began being migrated to Exchange Online, on an individual basis. If your department has been migrated, please visit the Exchange Online service area for more information.

Quick Start

If you already know how to configure Android, use the specifications below to configure for OIT's Exchange service.

  • Host:
    • SSL Enabled
    • Domain: AD
  • User name: your CU Login Name
  • Password: your IdentiKey password

*NOTE: Due to the wide variety of Android smartphones, the way of connecting to exchange may vary.  The information in this documentation represents a common way to synch accounts by entering ad\identikey in the Domain\Username field. Different phones may be setup in a different fashion. Listed below are a few other ways that your phone imformation may need to be entered:

  • Enter ad\identikey in the Domain\Username field.
  • Enter ad/identikey in the Domain/Username field.
  • If phone prompts for Domain the the domain is AD, and then enter your identikey/e-mail address when prompted.

If none of these options allowing access, please contact the IT Service Center to schedule assistance or search for your Android model in Google and use the general account information on this page for your @colorado configuration information.

Step 1

Tap Settings.

Step 2

Under the Accounts heading, tap + Add account...

Step 3

Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Step 4

Enter the following information:

  • E-mail address (ex.
  • IdentiKey password

Step 5

Tap the Manual setup button.

Step 6

In the Domain\username field enter ad\CULoginName (ex. ad\buffalor)

*Note: Some phones separate the domain and username fields, so if you are having trouble logging in try entering your username without ad\ in front of the name.

Step 7

Type in the Exchange server field.

Step 8

Tap Next.

*Note: A security note may appear, tap OK if this is the case.

Step 9

Set your desired Account Options, then click Next.

*Note: An Account Administration screen may appear. You must choose to either tap Activate to use your account.

Step 10

Give your account a name, then click Done.

Your account will now be ready to use.

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